About me This is my life and my world...

Dino Rachiele

Founder and owner of Rachiele, LLC

Hello, This is Dino Rachiele, founder and owner of Rachiele, LLC. I began in this industry back in 1977 as a professional kitchen and bath designer. My studies were in ergonomics. I became frustrated with the poorly designed sinks on the market and began designing sinks that made sense. Sinks with rear corner drains, apron sinks that could be installed in existing cabinetry, etc. I was awarded 6 patents on my designs. Since then, I have been awarded more than a dozen patents on my designs.

I began manufacturing sinks in late 1998, selling exclusively to kitchen dealers, retail plumbing showrooms and a couple of online companies. In 2008 I became frustrated with the poorly designed orders coming from dealers for sinks that I was certain the end users would not like. I was also concerned with the customer service offered by many of the dealers. So, in January of 2008 we contacted all 164 dealers and told them we would no longer be selling through them and would be selling direct to the public at the same prices we were selling to them. They all understood (thankfully). Since then, I have been offering factory direct pricing to the public with personalized customer service.

I speak to each customer, make sure they are getting the appropriate product and am available evenings and weekends for phone calls. Our toll free and local number on the top of the all pages are forwarded to my cell phone after hours. I am easy to reach. Now, I feel much better about things, knowing that my customers are well satisfied with both product and service. By the way, I sign every single sink that leaves here. I want my eyes to be the last ones on your sink. I also make sure your sink is packaged as perfectly as possible. Thank you for considering my company.

This stuff might look impressive, but most of what I have learned was from listening to people more successful than I.

  • 38 Continuous years in the Kitchen and Bath Industry (as a professional kitchen designer for over 20 of those years)
  • Past Charter Member (Senior Advisory Board Member) of the Guild of Accredited Cabinetry Space Designers - now part of N.A.R.I. (National Association of the Remodeling Industry)
  • Past Charter Member of the Guild of Professional Kitchen and Bath Planners
  • 1995/6/7/8 President of the Florida Chapter of the Guilds Professional Kitchen and Bath Planners
  • 1999/2000 National President of the Guilds of Professional Cabinetry Space Planners
  • Consultant for the book "How to Plan Perfect Kitchens" published in 1994 (Ortho Books)
  • Selected by the Mid Florida Homebuilders Association to judge the 1988 Parade of Homes
  • Many local projects featured in Orlando Magazine, Orlando Business Journal, Metro Magazine
  • Developed nationally accredited seminar on Kitchen and Bath Design and Sales
  • Selected as one of 5 judges in 1995 National Kitchen, Bath, and Other Room Design Contest
  • Graduate of Duquesne University (Psychology Major) - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1974
  • Graduate Wood Mode Training School in 1977
  • Graduate of Poggenphol Advanced Design School 1978
  • Graduate of Wood Mode Advanced Kitchen and Bath Design School 1979
  • Graduate of Almillmo Advanced Kitchen and Bath Design School 1982
  • Graduate of American Institute of Kitchen Design School 1980
  • Graduate of NKBA School (Advanced Program) 1982
  • February 1998 Feature Article in Kitchen and Bath Design News - Kitchen Dealer Success Story
  • National Republican Congressional Committee presented The National Leadership Award, 2002.
  • Certificate of Recognition of exemplary leadership presented by George W. Bush and Marc Raciot, 2002
  • Honorary Co-Chairman of the National Business Advisory Council - a congressional appointment.
  • President/C.E.O. Drum Muff, Inc., Rachiele, LLC, The USA Home, and Vostra USA
  • Granted over a dozen patents for sink designs - 2 patents pending
  • Current Board of Directors as well as Treasurer for Loaves and Fishes, a local food pantry. I have been volunteering at this very worthwhile charity since January of 2003 If you would like to read about it or donate, please click on this link.
  • Our sinks (and I) were featured on HGTV in 2005.
  • Our copper apron front sink featured on DYI network - House Crashers, May 2010
  • Past Interior Design Advisory Board Member, Seminole State College
  • I am a serial inventor. I have a patent pending on a drum accessory that is a solution to loud cymbals, ringing tom drums and other issues. That company is called Drum Muff.
  • I also have a rock and roll band. I play guitar and keyboards as well as sing. My band is called Happenstance

Who We Are

Years ago, when I first started a real job, I asked my employer what he thought I should do in order to be successful. He was a very successful entrepreneur. His name was Ray Martino of Syracuse, New York. His response was simple... "Want to catch a cold? Hang around someone with a cold". It was the best advise I have ever received.

I surround myself with wonderful people.

First and foremost, I have three wonderful children and four adorable grandchildren. I would also like to thank my parents, who have always shown nothing but love and support. I would also like to thank Lisa for going on this wild ride with me!

Imagine working at a job where there are virtually no customer complaints. The biggest stress I have is on the rare occasion when UPS damages a sink. Thankfully, that happens less than once a year. What a joyful place to work this is!

These are the wonderful people that I spend my days with...


My beautiful Princess and the love of my life - she handles all the shipping paperwork, she orders all of the custom made crates for our sinks, she processes all of the credit card charges and she keeps us all on our toes!

Trish Long

Bookkeeping and a lot of other things too long to list! I am so lucky to have her on our team. She is not only wonderful, but one of the most loyal employees I have ever had. She works with Rachiele and The USA Home Website. She is responsible for most of the web work on The USA Home.

Debbie Jensen

Debbie is my assistant - and boy do I need one! She helps me organize my day, helps with emails, packs most of the sinks and keeps up with a program that has complete information (including emails, drawings, and purchase agreements) on every customer and every potential customer. Every bit of information is at everyone's fingertips on their individual computers thanks to Debbie.

Lori Sabina

Lori is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Art. She is so amazingly talented. Just take a look at the patinas on our apron sinks. Every day she amazes me!

I do have to mention that music is my passion, and just a few years ago I was able to do something I had dreamed of for years. I put a rock and roll band together and we played out professionally for a couple of years. The dream was complete when we were invited to the world renowned Full Sail University's Recording Studio for an audio and video recording of our band. The Full Sail recording is by invitation only. What a thrill to hear we were invited, not for one, but for two sessions! Full Sail is a very exclusive school where graduates have worked with Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Gloria Estefan, Usher, Rihanna and more. Here is a still shot of that event three years ago. (I am the one with the beard on the far right) For those of you who still rock, yes that is a Les Paul, and oh yes, Marshall amps.