Hello, This is Dino Rachiele, founder and owner of Rachiele, LLC. I began in this industry back in 1977 as a professional kitchen and bath designer. My studies were in ergonomics. I became frustrated with the poorly designed sinks on the market and began designing sinks that made sense. Sinks with rear corner drains, apron sinks that could be installed in existing cabinetry, etc. I was awarded 6 patents on my designs. I began manufacturing sinks in early 1999, selling to kitchen dealers, retail plumbing showrooms and a couple of online companies. In 2008 I became frustrated with the orders coming from dealers for sinks that I was certain the end users would not like. I was also concerned with the customer service offered by these dealers. So, in January of 2008 we contacted all 164 dealers and told them we would no longer be selling through them and would be selling direct to the public at the same prices we were selling to them. They all understood (thankfully). Since then, we have been offering factory direct pricing to the public with personalized customer service. I speak to each customer, make sure they are getting the appropriate product and am available evenings and weekends for phone calls. My cell phone number is written on every page of our site. Now, I feel much better about things, knowing that my customers are well satisfied with both product and service. By the way, I pack every single sink that leaves here. I want my eyes to be the last ones on your sink. I also want to make sure your sink is packaged as perfectly as possible. Thank you for considering us.

Some of the Rachiele family:

Dino Rachiele CEO, Founder (My bio)

That's me toasting my in-laws at their 50th anniversary.


Imagine working at a job where there are virtually no customer complaints. The biggest stress I have is on the rare occasion when UPS damages a sink. I can remember working elsewhere when an incoming phone call had a 50/50 chance of being a problem. What a joyful place to work this is!

Lisa and me Lisa, my beautiful Princess and the love of my life - she handles all the shipping paperwork, all of the credit card charges and she keeps us all on our toes! In case you might have thought I was organized, I am not. Lisa keeps me organized!











This is Debbie Jensen, my assistant. If I gave a list of all the things she does for me it would take up a few pages. Let's suffice it to say that she is wonderful and keeps me on my toes and makes sure I am organized. She recently took over packing most of the sinks for me. The photo below is our packing room - generally full of foam and custom made plywood shipping crates.






Trish Long, Bookkeeping  and a lot of other things too long to list! I am so lucky to have her on our team. She is not only wonderful, but one of the most loyal employees I have ever had. She works with Rachiele and Luxury Home Products. She is responsible for most of the web work on Luxury Home Products.



Lori Sabina, Patineur

Lori is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Art. She is so amazingly talented. Just take a look at the patinas on our apron sinks. Every day she amazes me!





This is the cozy location where you can visit us in Apopka, FL. All of the finishing and packaging is done at this location. In June of 2011, we were awarded the Beautification Award for the City of Apopka for all of the work we did on the exterior of our building and the landscaping. We generally have quite a bit for you to see when visiting. Just call in advance. I want to make sure I am here when you visit. Since I live 3 miles away, I don't mind coming to meet you on the weekends, so if you are in town on vacation, etc. I can meet you when it is most convenient to you. We are about 30 minutes from Disney World and the attractions. We are about 40 minutes from the airport.





Two of my granddaughters Christmas 2009, and more recently in July of 2010

I do have to mention that music is my passion, and just a few years ago I was able to do something I had dreamed of for years. I put a rock and roll band together and we played out professionally for a couple of years. The dream was complete when we were invited to the world renowned Full Sail University's Recording Studio for an audio and video recording of our band. The Full Sail recording is by invitation only.  What a thrill to hear we were invited, not for one, but for two sessions! Full Sail is a very exclusive school where graduates have worked with Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Gloria Estefan, Usher, Rihanna and more. Here is a still shot of that event several years ago. (I am the one with the beard on the far right) For those of you who still rock, yes that is a Les Paul, and oh yes, Marshall amps.

This photo of my granddaughter that lives in S. Carolina was taken in June of 2010

My grandson, taken at the same time. They came down and spent a little over a week with us.

Read an article written about us on the Copper Development Association's web site

Hello Friends, this is Dino speaking.

As I mentioned, I am a musician. I inherited great genes! My father was a concert pianist from the age of 4. He had a radio show in Pittsburgh, played at Carnegie Hall when he was 8, played for the president of the United States and still plays - but not as often as we would all like. This is a sample of his recent playing. He turns 90 this year (2012)

I have several passions in my life, one of them is cooking. Cooking seems to be a Rachiele/Tucci thing. My mother is a Tucci. I think my passion regarding ergonomic sinks stems from my love of cooking. Most of the sinks on the market are totally frustrating to work in if you really love to cook.

Speaking of passion, our family cannot seem to have a Christmas gathering without Timpano on the table. Some of you may know that my Aunt. Joan Tucci, wrote a best selling Italian cookbook called "Cucina & Famiglia. The book was inspired by a movie my cousin, Stanley Tucci, wrote and stared in called "Big Night". The main dish in the movie is called Timpano. I found a video by Molto Mario that illustrates how Timpano is made. Enjoy"
In case you are wondering who my cousin is, here he is being interviewed on the Daily Show. He recently starred in Julie and Julia with Meryl Streep and is currently in the Hunger Games.
Thank you for visiting!

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