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Please note: the sinks on this page are very difficult to build, hence you likely will not find anyone else attempting to build them. The labor cost is quite high when building a complex corner sink like this, so the pricing is a bit higher than our standard rectangular sinks. That being said, if you have a corner sink design, this is truly a wonderful solution. Think about the alternatives - they are quite poor. The standard corner sink designs on the market are horrible. You will be working in this sink for many years, so consider investing in something that is custom made to work for your situation. NOTE: We do not build these designs in stainless steel - no exceptions.

Custom Corner sink with removable and interchangeable pieces. One side is for rinsing vegetables. It has a plug for the drain hole. The other side is for rinsing utensils, etc.





90 degree corner copper sink
They are expensive to make, but they sure offer the best solution for a 90 degree corner sink!
This sink will generally cost approximately $4990 or more. Available only in copper.

This is a photo sent in by one of our customers. Her countertop is a gorgeous green soapstone. The copper sink looks awesome with the counter top, plus it is such a great sink to work in. This sink was shipped to Canada.



diagonal corner apron front copper sink
This is the solution to a diagonal corner sink installation. This one happens to be an apron front sink. This is a tough sink to build. You will not find any other manufacturer offering this complex of a sink. The labor time to build this sink is about 100% higher than a standard sink, thus a price tag of about $4900. Available only in copper



diagonal corner apron front sink with radius apron

How is this for a cool idea in a corner?


The sink below is the ONLY sink on this page that we can build in stainless steel

This is the ultimate solution to a diagonal corner cabinet design. We can make the apron smaller than the bowl. This sink had a 23 1/2" long apron, but a 30" Signature Series bowl that housed a copper grid and a cutting board. (Left)

(Below) This is a similar sink so you can see how it is built. This is truly a great way to have an apron sink in a corner and have a much larger bowl.




This is a novel way to design a corner sink. The faucet will be set to the side instead of the rear of the sink.






diagonal corner copper sinkThis is a diagonal corner sink as shown below. This is available ONLY in copper.  It was photographed prior to our applying a patina. This is a very expensive sink to build as most of the side panels have to be welded together and the entire top flange must be welded to the sides. It is also tricky to build as the bottom must be sloped to the drain. You will not find any other company building such a complex sink. I wish we could build this for less, but the labor is intensive for this sink. This sink sells for approximately $4,000 depending on the size. We can not build this sink in stainless steel.

The image below is a Photoshop image (computer generated) of a sink that I just designed. We have not built one yet. We will build this sink ONLY in copper.

Well, three weeks later, the sink is finished. It is one of my favorite sinks. What a great way to handle a corner in a kitchen!


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