Copper Sinks by Rachiele
Made in the USA

The Finest Handcrafted Copper Sinks in the World
14 gauge cold rolled pure American Virgin Copper



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Copper Sinks blended with Stainless Steel

This is what should concern you with many of the imports: (what are they hiding?)
- Small online photos
- Hard to find warranty and use and care information
- Short warranty on a product without working parts
- When you finally find the use and care, they tell you to dry your sink after every use!

 Our lead time is generally 3-4 weeks, however, current summer sales have put us behind quite a bit. Please check with us for current lead times.

You will not see pricing on most of our site as our sink prices vary depending on the customization.  (see our "Pricing" or "Clearance" Pages) Our quality and materials are far superior to the vast majority of copper sinks on the market. We assume you are looking for a quality investment, therefore we spare no expense in building the finest copper sinks in the world. Our lifetime transferable warranty and guarantee that you will be thrilled (or your money back plus $100) should indicate our sincerity in building the finest copper and stainless steel sinks available. I want you to be thrilled!
Rachiele sinks are made here in Central Florida.
No distributor costs
No factory representative
No retailer costs

Why are our copper sinks different from the rest?


Still using a double bowl sink? See why most of our sinks are single bowl with rear corner drains!
Check out this video!



Home of the Finest Copper Sinks in the World... We back up our claim with the most robust warranty and guarantee in the industry. My family name is engraved on our copper sinks. If your name was on a product, wouldn't you want it to be the very best?

Read about a copper sink company who is not doing the right thing!

We sell factory direct to the public at half of retail prices. All copper and labor is American.

The video below is of a typical imported copper sink. This one happens to come from China however the seller claims it comes from Mexico. Note how flexible the bottom of the sink is. They use 16 gauge annealed copper. The difference is that we  use 14 gauge cold rolled copper which is many times harder. In fact, I can stand in one of our sinks without damaging it at all. cold rolled copper has a yield strength that is about 7 times more than annealed copper.

I finally found a way to damage one of our copper sinks! (watch the video below)


American Copper - how it is made: Basically, copper ore is mined in different parts of the U.S. and the ore found is generally less than 1% copper. This ore is ground and put in flotation tanks and the resultant precipitant is about 28% copper. This material is sent to a flash smelting smelter which refines it to about 70% copper. This material then goes into a flash converting furnace and is brought to 98% purity. Anode furnaces refine it further to 99.6% purity as the copper is cast in to plates or anodes.   The refinery then brings these plates (anodes) into an acid solution with stainless steel plates on each side for 10 days. An electric current is applied which attract the copper to the stainless plates. The impurities, which can contain gold and silver, are left as residue on the bottom of the tank. The resultant copper is now 99.9% pure. This is American copper.

We work on the typical manufacturer margin of 10% - that's it!

A peek inside - lots of copper sinks being made these days!

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* 14 gauge: OOOPS -  Some of our videos refer to our sinks being 16 gauge. Our STAINLESS sinks are 16 gauge. Our copper sinks are, and have always been 14 gauge.


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