The Signature Series kitchen Sink

Available in: Copper, Stainless, Millennia - Apron, under mount or top mount and even our retrofit sinks. (I changed the name from the "Smarter" sink to the Signature Series sink to avoid confusion. It is the same sink)
A sink I am proud to sign my name to - our best seller by far...
So, what is the "Signature Series" Sink? It is the first sink where you can do all of your food preparation INSIDE the sink and keep your counters clean! No more cutting chicken on a cutting board next to the sink and having chicken "juice" running all over the countertop and possibly the floor. Everything is done inside the confines of the sink!

Don't be confused with the imitators. You may see sinks like this one, but they are likely not engineered properly. They are bad copies in my opinion. The Kohler Stages sink, for example, put their ledge too high up in the bowl. When you place a cutting board on their ledge, it appears to me as if the board is level with the countertop, so when you run water over it, it will spill over on to the floor or counter. Our inner ledge is calculated based on ergonomics. It is low enough so you can run water and keep the water inside the sink, but high enough so you can cut food at the proper height.

New for 2013 - the Evolution sink - clearly the most diverse and functional design of any sink. Get a sneak peak here!

Signature Series by Dino Rachiele


Please watch this short video. You will see why these sinks are now about 80% of our business!

I have been working for many years to perfect the kitchen sink. Thanks to the feedback from many of you, as well as one forward thinking engineer (and customer) by the name of Robert Pennybaker, I have put together the best sink design in the industry. Here are some of the design elements that are unique to our sinks. If you love to cook, this is your kitchen sink!

  • Offset sink drain location - Allows for set-off space and even a dish rack on the left side, while having the ability to wash dishes on the side with the drain. Use the sink like a double bowl sink without the divider in the way.
  • Long single bowl kitchen sinks - Double bowl sinks became extinct with the invention of the dishwasher. I feel a 36" to 42" long sink is the ultimate size for a Signature Series kitchen sink if you have the space in your kitchen for one. That being said, I use a 24" version at my home and it works nicely.
  • The Signature Series Kitchen Sink option - a 1/2" ledge, 2" down from the front and rear of the sink. This ledge allows for many timesaving components such as: Cutting boards and grid drains, This option is available on copper apron front sinks, under mount and top mount sinks - both in copper and stainless steel.
  • This sink is called the "Signature Series Sink" because I sign each sink. You can do all of your food preparation inside the confines of the sink instead of adjacent to the sink. When you prepare poultry, you generally have a cutting board to the side of the sink - and the chicken juice generally runs off the cutting board on to the countertop. What a mess! Now, you can set the raw chicken on the copper grid, place a custom poly cutting board adjacent to it (inside the bowl on the ledge) and do all the food prep with no mess on the countertop. There are some sinks out there with similar options, but they miscalculated. With theirs, the cutting board is either flush with the countertop or just above it. Imagine rinsing it off. The water will flow right onto the floor and counter. Ours has a recess that will not allow for that problem.
  • This sink is not designed like the Kohler Stages or DeGulio's sink. It appears they may have copied my design and missed an important factor. (Kohler is regularly snooping on my website). Their interior ledge for the cutting board is too high inside the sink. It appears impossible to me that you can run water over the cutting board without getting it all over the countertop. Our ledge is thoughtfully placed 2" down, so the 1" thick board is 1 inch below the top of the sink.

Let me speak of the colander idea for a moment. Has this ever happened to you? You have a large pot of pasta on the cook top. You go to the sink to drain it and place the colander in the sink. You pour the water, but all the water does not evacuate the sink fast enough and the water begins to back up into the pasta? It has happened to me and it grossed me out - yuck. Just take the grid and turn it sideways and place it in the bottom of the sink. The colander is now raised up - no more yuck!

Cool use ideas from our customers using their Signature Series Kitchen Sinks!

  • Use the grid for thawing meats (Copper conducts heat better than the expensive aluminum meat thawing trays- no mess... everything drips into the sink!
  • Best yet, turn the grid 90 degrees and it fits on the bottom of the sink. Use it to dry pots and pans. Wash on the right, set off on the left on the grid.
  • Place poultry, fish or meat on the grid, then cut on the poly cutting board and scoop into a bowl waiting below.
  • Use the grid for setting down oysters as you shuck them - again no mess!
  • Use the poly cutting board 6" from the right of the sink while cutting veggies. Swipe waste off to the right into the disposer and the good stuff to the left in a waiting bowl underneath the left side.
  • Cut meat, fish and chicken on the poly cutting board. Everything drips into the sink - no mess.
  • The poly board fits nicely in the dishwasher.
  • Lacking on counter space, use two poly boards together for extra work space!
    Imagine preparing a meal and not even having to wipe off your countertop when you are finished! You can do that with this sink!


Smarter copper apron front sink with copper grid drain

copper sink with ledge for cutting boardThis is a close up of the right rear corner of the copper kitchen sink shown above. You can see the detail of the ledge and the amazing welding our guys do.


copper sink showing smarter sink optional copper grid drainer

This is a photo taken from the right side - looking down the length of the sink. This copper kitchen sink is only 30" long overall. I would suggest that this option would be even more useful on a sink that is longer.


If you would like to see dimensional drawings of this sink, please click on this link.

This "Signature Series" copper under mount sink features our black American walnut cutting board and a colander that was purchased at Costco for under $35. There are all kinds of accessories that can be found to fit our sinks. If you love to cook, this is the ultimate sink!



This photo was sent in by a past customer. Her father is a woodworker and made that gorgeous cutting board to go with her Signature Series Apron front sink. I must say, I am impressed with the woodworking! Check out the Waterstone Gantry faucet! Remember, if you purchase a sink from me, I can give you an additional 10% off the Sale prices on Waterstone faucets.







Installed photo of a gorgeous rustic patina on one of our Signature Series sink sent in by a happy customer.


We have completed our kitchen and I finally got a good picture of our beautiful Rachiele Sink! I couldn't be happier. I smile every single time I am at that sink!

Thank you once again.

Donna J.

Marietta, GA


36" copper apron front sink with Signature Series option. Waterstone suite including 5500 faucet, 1200C filter faucet, 4060 soap dispenser and 4010 traditional air switch for garbage disposal. The faucet suite is in American Bronze finish.









copper smarter sink with copper grid drain and cherry cutting board by Rachiele

This gorgeous apron sink features a copper grid and a cherry cutting board resting on the Signature Series Sink optional ledge. The patina on the front is Fire and Ice.




copper rustic apron sink with smarter sink option

This is a rustic patina on an apron front sink featuring our Signature Series Sink option

I really like the patina on this one. Very rich looking.



This beauty is our new Rustic Matte patina on stainless. The finish looks much like pewter or zinc. The best part is that it is easier to care for. Scratches are easily removed with a Scotch Brite Pad.
This sink measures 48" long. What a great sink! All the food preparation can be done inside the sink instead of adjacent to the sink on the countertop. No more messy counters!

Click on all images for detail

Simply turn the grid 90 degrees and it will fit on the bottom of your sink so you can use it as a drying rack for your pots and pans.

The sink to the left is our Millennia Stainless steel. It is an embossed stainless with a basket weave pattern that is smooth to the touch but does an amazing job at hiding scratches. I recently spoke to one of our customers who has a 13 year old Millennia sink. She says it looks brand new. I have one that is 12 years old. It looks new too!


Hello Dino,

I apologize that it has taken me so long to send pictures of my GORGEOUS sink. I didn’t have the best of lighting scenarios but hopefully you will be able to see what a beauty this Rachiele sink is. I have gotten so many compliments on it and it is certainly one of the highlights of my kitchen. Keep up the artistry of copper!

Best wishes,

Susanne  (This sink was delivered a year ago almost to the day.)


This is a 48" Signature Series sink with a Waterstone 5500 faucet, soap dispenser and air switch.






copper sink showing smarter sink optional copper grid drainer sent in by homeowner



Photo sent in by a customer in Tallahassee Florida - left rear drain. Note the Waterstone Faucet Suite.



I've seen the sinks (at last).  I was going to call you, but I'm so happy I wanted to put it in writing so that you can share my response on your website:  WOW!  They are solid and beautiful.  I am thrilled that you wrote your best wishes and signed them for me.  I will be opening the cabinet and getting my friends to stick their heads in and look for the artist signature!  I can't wait to be using them.  IF any of your customers are in doubt about the Signature Series sink option (with the copper grid and the chopping boards, persuade them to reconsider.  The walnut chopping board the best I've ever laid eyes on, the wood grain is gorgeous and it is so thick and solid.  The polyboard is of equal quality, very sturdy and thick.  As is the copper grid.  My husband didn't read your unpacking instructions: he pulled at the box with all his might.  Fortunately, the grid did not bend; again it is constructed so sturdily that it would take a whole lot of effort to damage it!  Last, but not least: Lori, the apron finish is superb. I'm impatient to start using them, and of course I'll send photos.  The images of previous customer's sinks helped us when planning our kitchen.



stainless kitchen sink with smarter option and stainless grid

Take a look at this gorgeous "Signature Series Sink" in brushed stainless. It features a stainless grid. The new owner also ordered a poly cutting board. This is going to be a great sink to work in.





This is actually a top mount sink made of our Millennia stainless. The first "Signature Series Sink" we built as a top mount sink in this great material.



The photo below is the before photo - take a look at the replacement! The replacement is a "Signature Series Sink" with a hammered interior. What a cool sink!

triple bowl kitchen sink replaced with single bowl smarter sink.Our customer ordered a Waterstone Towson Suite with an 18" articulating arm. This is truly a dream sink!

We absolutely love the sink.  It is everything you promised and more.  It is such a great cook's sink.  The hammered look was worth every cent and can't wait to get the shelf done to use the Smart Sink feature.


I hate cutting raw chicken! With the below option, all the "juice" runs into the copper sink! All you do when you are finished is put the poly cutting board in the dishwasher for sanitizing - then clean the sink with your normal soap. The copper does the rest for you!

Copper apron front sink with cutting board and rustic patina

Signature Series Kitchen Sink shown with optional 3/4" white poly cutting board. This is not the cheap 1/4" cutting board you might see in a store. This is a heavy duty board custom made for us to my specifications. Nothing but the best...

Just cut and swipe the waste into the disposer. It just doesn't get any easier folks. Move the board into the middle and place a bowl under the left side. Then you can scoop the goods into the bowl on the left and the waste into the disposer on the right.


copper apron front smarter sink showing poly cutting board and copper grid drainer  on ledge


Signature Series Kitchen Sink shown with optional copper grid in combination with the 3/4" thick poly cutting board. Rinse your veggies on the left, cut on the right!. Cut meat on the right, rinse on the left.





copper apron front smarter sink showing 2 poly cutting boards on ledge


Need some extra counter space? Get two poly boards and go wild! If you love to cook, this is the dream kitchen sink!




These folks invested in two Signature Series sinks for their kitchen. One in the island and one across the way. Both feature the Waterstone faucet suites in Antique copper.













Sometimes our Signature Series sinks are just so great that you have to have two of them!

About a year ago, I contacted Rachiele for information about their Smart Sinks. Dino took the time not only to enlighten me about his copper sinks, but also to discuss how I would use them, and the kitchen layout in general. I do not believe that there is a more passionate designer and engineer than Dino! He listens carefully to his customers and his products are the result of feedback from the end user. During my design process, I became convinced that I needed two large sinks rather than one wash-up and one bar/prep sink, and I determined that two apron front sinks would do the job (one 36" and one 30"). My kitchen designer was shocked that I would give away so much counter space until he actually saw my Rachiele Apron Front Signature Series Smart Sinks. We leave the solid copper grids on them all the time. Not only are they are useful as extra counter space draining boards / cooling racks, but they are also beautiful.
Rachiele works magic with their patinas - you may find yourself wasting time just viewing and reviewing he fabulous options! I was initially worried that I wouldn't be satisfied with the weathered finish I had selected, but my sinks are perfect.
Soon after the plumbing was installed a PTA colleague was in my kitchen. Her first question was, "Are those Rachiele sinks?" Apparently she had been coveting them for months, and wasn't sure she dared to make a commitment on-line. She was delighted to find that they drained evenly and completely, that the Waterstone PLP worked exactly as described and that they are more beautiful in person than on the computer. They are solid and do not sound at all "tinny". They really do clean easily and do not require any special care. My housekeeper loves my kitchen too!
If you have any doubts, i would recommend calling Rachiele. You may be fortunate like I was to be able to talk to Dino directly. He is very personable and willing to take the time to help you. I am honored that he dedicated and signed his works of art with a personal note to me on the base of each sink.










Take a look at a top mount custom apron sink with an integral back splash and a channel behind the apron so it can slip over the cabinet frame. This sink has every option possible short of air conditioning. The copper sink in the video has no patina on it yet. It will receive a rich caramel brown patina. There is also a Millennia Stainless Steel sink with just about as many options. The only thing missing is the integral back splash. The stainless sink is about 48" long.



Textured Millennia apron front smarter sink showing poly cutting board on ledge


Yes, we build them in stainless too!. This was our very first stainless "Signature Series Kitchen Sink". We used our Millennia textured stainless - hides scratches and water spots!





copper under mount smarter sink with copper grid

This is a photo of an undermount "Signature Series Kitchen Sink" with a left rear drain (for lefties!)





copper apron front smarter sink with walnut cutting board

This is a gorgeous Signature Series Kitchen Sink - apron front sink with a rustic patina. Its final home will be in a rustic cabin in the Georgia mountains. It is pictured with the black walnut cutting board.




Custom made walnut and cherry cutting boards for our smarter copper sink

These are our new 1 inch thick cutting boards. The left one is made of solid American Black Walnut, and the right one is made of Solid American Cherry. These are made specifically to fit our Signature Series sink. We can also have them made for an under-mount sink. These are not only furniture grade, but very useful products. They are available in 15", 18" and 21" widths. See our sale page for pricing.


Here is a top mount Signature Series sink with our patented channel behind the apron that allowed these folks to retrofit into existing cabinetry and keep their existing countertop.

We can make a small Signature Series sink too! This one is in our home. Take a look at the cool new accessory holder that rides on the ledges. It is available on this page.

I use an 8" cutting board with this 24" sink most of the time. I also have a 12" board. . Works like a charm.








Signature Series apron front sink with removable cherry cutting board and copper grid. Faucet by Waterstone - Gantry suite.



  If you are "on the fence" about spending $1000 for a faucet, give me a call. I will ship a sample faucet to you at no charge. I will pay for the shipping both ways as well. I am so convinced you will want one after you see one, that I am willing to do this. Every time I have sent one out, there was nothing but amazement! These are truly special faucets that must be seen, and held to appreciate the quality. It is quite obvious when you have one in your hand. You can see our agreement here.



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