Custom Made stainless under mount sinks by  Dino Rachiele I hope you will consider joining our family of custom sink owners. I look forward to working with you.

Stainless Steel sinks, Hand Crafted in the USA - Under Mount Stainless Steel Sinks

I offer three very different types of stainless steel for our sinks. First, we have the traditional brushed stainless. Secondly, I have a custom finished stainless that looks just like zinc. Thirdly, I have Millennia - a stainless with an embossed pattern that hides scratches and water spots. I also manufacture the most ergonomically efficient stainless steel sinks on the market. Single bowl, rear corner drain sinks are the sinks of today. My Signature Series sinks, with ledges to support drain grids and cutting boards are designed so you can do all of your food preparation on the sink instead of on the countertop. Click on the image below to see a custom 48" Signature Series, Rustic Matte Stainless sink with several accessories.

These are some of the under mount stainless sinks we have built. The big value in our sink design is the rear corner drain and the optional Signature Series ledges and accessories. We use only domestic stainless in our manufacturing. Ask where your stainless is coming from when comparing sinks. You might be surprised to find the stainless comes from China!

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Think copper does not go well with stainless appliances? Check out this video!

Check out this video regarding double bowl sinks verses single bowl sinks...

A side note...
I have been told that a great deal of stainless sinks are being imported from China. I am very careful about making comments where I do not have first hand knowledge, therefore, I will let you know that the following information was gleaned from a friend in our industry. He told me that he thought he could make "a ton" of money selling stainless sinks that he was importing from China. He showed me photos and his cost. I was shocked at how nice the sinks looked and the low price he was getting them for. About 8 months later, he called me and said he had to stop selling the sinks, as he was getting numerous calls from his customers complaining of rust inside the sinks. Moral of this story...Make sure you know where your sink is made and what kind of warranty you will get.