Hand Crafted in the USA - Under Mount Stainless Steel Sinks

Do you  have an existing sink and need a replacement? We can likely do it. We even offer hand-hammered stainless sinks. Note: we cannot make a sink with radius corners. We have other options for replacing your existing sink. Please call for details.

 Rachiele under mount stainless steel kitchen sinks (Left and Right handed)
 Stainless undermount kitchen sink made in the USA
hammered stainless steel bar sink
Hammered stainless bar or prep sink
If you would like your sink hammered, please call. There is a $450 charge for hand hammering.



You can have variations of these sizes at the same price in most cases. Anything up to 18" by 18" is $1492 and anything up to 24" by 19 1/2" is $1625.

Stainless Steel Prep or bar sink (Rustic Matte shown on left)
Retail $2,880.00   Factory Direct Sale price $1,492.00
Sink Depth :
Stainless Type:
Hammering - Hand Hammering ( Add $450.00 )

Custom Stainless steel undermount sink with right rear drain made in the USA

Stainless Under mount Sink
FREE SHIPPING (Cont. US) - Select "Will Pick Up" for shipping option.
Retail $3,382.00   Factory Direct: $1,853.00
Stainless type:
Hammering - Hand Hammering ( Add $450.00 )
Signature Series - Inner ledges ( Add $800.00 )
Poly Cutting Board:
Wood cutting board:
Stainless grid:

Below are Rachiele under mount sinks with a rear deck. They replaced existing sinks.
Stainless undermount kitchen sink made in the USA


Our Rachiele single bowl custom undermount stainless sink (above) up to 30" wide is only $1758- featuring zero radius corners, 16 gauge construction,  and a right rear drain. These sinks are custom made and generally have a 1 inch flange on all sides.  Our custom price is in the price range of mass produced zero radius sinks!

Blanco sink
This is a Blanco 18 gauge (thinner) zero radius stainless steel sink with a rear center drain (a horrible location for a drain) Their retail price is $1425.  (for a vastly inferior designed, mass produced sink)

Try putting a cookie sheet in the Blanco sink and you will cover the drain - not in our sink! Plus, you can wash dishes on the right side of our sink, place a drain rack inside the bowl on the left side and let the dishes drip dry. Use our sink just like a double bowl without the inconvenient divider in the middle. An added benefit is that you will have loads of space under the sink. You can even put double trash pull-out mechanism on the left side inside your sink cabinet. (See our smart sink cabinet)

stainless steel smarter sink with stainless grid, made in the USA

This is the ultimate in stainless steel sinks. We call it the "Signature Series Sink". It features a right or left rear drain, a ledge in the front and back that allows several optional cutting boards and a grid (shown). If you love cooking, this is your sink. This is an option on all of our sinks.


Rustic stainless steel undermount smarter sink

NEW for 2012 Rustic hand rubbed Stainless

Looking for a stainless sink that does not look so contemporary? Our hand rubbed matte stainless has a much darker and more rustic feel than brushed stainless. The stainless steel is no different in material than our brushed stainless. It is the finish that is different. These are hand finished in our shop to a uniform matte patina. This one is a 48" under mount stainless sink with a stainless grid and a poly cutting board.


Rustic stainless sink, hammeredThis is the same sink (Signature Series) shown with a metal sample adjacent to it. The sample is hammered brushed stainless. As you can see, the brushed stainless is much more reflective and appears much lighter in color than the rustic matte stainless. The rustic stainless looks much like zinc or pewter - without the maintenance issues associated with zinc or pewter.

We have often been asked about whether we use sound deadening on the bottom of our sinks. Years ago, we tried several products, including the pads that many other sink manufacturers use. Due to the thickness of our stainless, these products did virtually nothing. In order to dampen sound, the product must alter how much the metal flexes or provide a sound barrier between you and the sink. Rubber pads do the trick with 18 gauge sinks or 16 gauge sinks that have been pressed into shape, as the pressing stretches the stainless to a much thinner gauge than the original. The thinner metal can be affected by rubber pads. Since our sinks are so heavy and rigid, merely installing them cuts down the sound generated by dropping an item in the sink. The larger sinks, those 36" and longer, have been a challenge for me to find something to deaden the sound more.

Starting May 1, 2011, all stainless sinks 30" or larger, will have a heavy duty damping sheet attached to the bottom of the sink.

Double bowl stainless steel sink made in the USA

We do make double bowl sinks, however, I feel strongly that they are no where near as useful as a single bowl sink with a right rear drain. Just read this email from a past customer:


I must have been your most difficult customer. I fought you all the way. Both my husband and I were hell bent on getting a double bowl sink, I am a bit embarrassed to say - you were right. After all the fussing, we are now one of your loyal followers. Yes Dino... a single bowl sink with a right rear drain makes so much sense! OK, I said it. Thank you, thank you, for being so insistent. (and for taking my countless phone calls) We could never have believed how wonderful your design is. We both wish you much success. You deserve it.

Your friend "Out West",   Ann

Think copper does not go well with stainless appliances? Check out this video!


The photos and email below were sent in, on March 4th, 2012, by a customer who purchased two of our custom stainless sinks in 2005. The close-up is one of our sinks. What a lovely kitchen! They are moving and would like two more of our sinks!

Dino you may post the pictures if you wish.  Not my name or e-mail address.  This rural CT country kitchen was designed by myself....2 sinks is wonderful...washing produce fresh from the garden... soaking hand washable garments... a dual dish washing station when your hosting 30 for a holiday meal. Or setting this up as a beverage station while entertaining... I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Thanks for all the great information.  I will be in touch.



Check out this video regarding double bowl sinks verses single bowl sinks...

This is a triple bowl under mount stainless sink with our proprietary Rustic Matte finish. This sink is being used in a laundry room. The three grids allow for placing or folding clothing on the sink. This sink measured 48" long and was 10" deep. Building a sink like this take an extreme amount of time and engineering. There is a tremendous amount of welding required and stainless has a tendency to warp when welded. Due to the complexity and time involved in building a custom sink like this, the price would be $7600 plus $250 shipping. Price includes the grids.






Example of under mount stainless steel sink with drain board 

Looking for a drain board sink? We manufacture them. This type of sink is very expensive and difficult to build. Hence, you will not likely find other custom manufacturers offering a drain board sink. Most of these sinks sell for  $6500 and up. You may see these elsewhere, but they are likely mass produced by pressing into a mold and much easier to make than a custom sink.  These are handcrafted, custom sinks, requiring a great deal of skill and a great deal of labor.

A side note...

I have been told that a great deal of stainless sinks are being imported from China. I am very careful about making comments where I do not have first hand knowledge, therefore, I will let you know that the following information was gleaned from a friend in our industry. He told me that he thought he could make "a ton" of money selling stainless sinks that he was importing from China. He showed me photos and his cost. I was shocked at how nice the sinks looked and the low price he was getting them for. About 8 months later, he called me and said he had to stop selling the sinks, as he was getting numerous calls from his customers complaining of rust inside the sinks. Moral of this story...Make sure you know where your sink is made and what kind of warranty you will get.



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