Rachiele sinks - made in the usa Custom Made in the USA Stainless Steel Sinks - All sinks are 16 gauge, all are custom made. Support our economy, buy American products.
(Wait... thinking of a stainless steel sink because you have stainless appliances? Check out this video of my kitchen.

 Rachiele Advantages:

Ergonomic Design - the smartest designed sink in the industry!
Our sinks feature rear corner drains. Other manufacturers use rear center or center drains which get in the way of washing pots and pans as well as food preparation.
We recommend 8" deep sinks. The majority of stainless steel sinks on the market
have center or rear center drains and must be deep in order to be marginally useable. The difference is not subtle. Our customers tell us they would never go back to a sink with a center or rear center drain!




We offer a lifetime limited transferable warranty - no other company offers such a warranty.
We offer the exclusive Millennia stainless - a textured stainless steel that helps to hide water spots and scratches. Very easy to clean! We just introduced  our new Rustic Matte Stainless.
See sample of rustic matte

If you return samples, we will credit you back all but $10 for the shipping. (Example; If you order 4 @$100 and return them in reusable condition, we will refund $90.

Stainless Steel Samples 6" by 6"
RH - Rustic (matte) Hammered ($25.00 )
BH - Brushed Hammered ($25.00 )
BS - Brushed Stainless ($25.00 )
RM - Rustic (matte) ($25.00 )
MA - Millennia ($25.00 )
L - Leather ($25.00 )

Custom Under Mount Stainless Steel Sinks (Drain board sinks too!) (See our new Hand rubbed rustic patina on stainless)

Custom Apron Front Stainless Steel Sinks (Hammered too!)

Custom Top Mount (Self Rimming) Stainless Steel Sinks - Replacements for existing sinks

Custom Double Bowl Stainless Steel Sinks

Custom Millennia Textured Stainless Steel Sinks - Hides scratches and water spots

Rustic Matte (looks like zinc) Stainless - easier to care for, rich warmer look

Leather - new for 2014

Apron Front Sinks with a channel allowing for use in existing cabinetry. (Patented by Dino Rachiele)

  • Our sinks are custom made We can fit many existing situations as well as your lifestyle at prices that are similar to the mass produced luxury sinks on the market.  We use heavy 16 gauge stainless steel for our sinks. We generally can build a sink in 3-6 weeks.

  • Patented Designs
    We are the only company who can offer an apron front to fit existing cabinetry.

  • Custom Drain Board Options
    We offer custom drain boards on our undermount and apron sinks - you pick the size!

  • Integral Sinks
    We can build a sink into a stainless steel countertop so you will have no visible seams between the sink and the top.

  • Hammered Stainless Steel Sinks
    We are one of the only companies offering hammered stainless steel 16 gauge sinks.

  • Top mount or under mount sinks to replace existing sinks
    Custom made to perfection. We have replaced old fashioned double and triple bowl sinks with much less hassle than you might expect. The process is quite easy. Just give me a call.

  • Our sinks are smart! Rear corner drains allow you to wash on one side, set off to dry on the other. You can also place cookie sheets, platters and large pans inside the sink without covering the drain. Try that in any other sink!

  • Lastly, our sinks are made in the USA. I have heard, second hand, of many stainless sinks coming from China that rust. A contractor emailed a photo of a Kohler Vault that he claims is made in China. Brand new, full of rust. Kohler Vault rusting
    Click on the photo to see detail.



This is a note I received on a survey recently: "I just purchased the Kohler Vault apron front sink that is advertised as a drop in sink that can be used with a standard sink base. I received the sink yesterday and I was very surprised to see that the quality of the welding is poor (my husband is a former welder, and he pointed out the telltale marks of a poor seam that will likely leak in the future). And, it's made in China. Kohler is claiming that their sink can be installed with the same ease that your sinks are, but that is definitely not the case. Their design is actually incredibly stupid, and perhaps it's because they were aware of your design that they altered their design in one crucial, very dumb, way: They've added two pieces of stainless steel within the channel on the front apron (perpendicular to the front) that prevent you from sliding it over the cabinet like your sink slides. It's basically unusable. And, you need to saw off the horizontal top front of your sink cabinet first. And the finish is just awful. I'm going to return it Like I said, I can't comment on your lawsuit or patent infringement claims, but it certainly looks to me like Kohler is making a far inferior sink, and attempting to capture some of your market share. I wish I could afford one of your sinks, but the $550 I spent on the Kohler Vault was just about my limit. Good luck~"

What can go wrong? Well this is a crack in an imported stainless steel sink made in China. The crack is getting bigger and bigger. So, what is the lesson? Know where your sink is made! Not only can stainless steel sinks crack, they can rust. We use only the finest grade of 16 gauge stainless and offer a lifetime warranty. We have never had a warranty claim on a stainless sink since we started in business in 1999.






A note about commercial stainless steel work...

Please do not ask us to "bid" commercial projects. We are more than capable of doing commercial work. Frankly,  our quality is high end residential quality and we have found when we are in a competitive bid situation in a commercial setting, we are generally not the low bid. We only do commercial work when Rachiele is specified as the supplier by an architect or designer. Architects and designers specify Rachiele when they are looking for fine detail, precision workmanship, and the finest in quality. These three elements are rarely required in a commercial setting.

Thank you for your understanding.




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