Discount Program for my friends and family!

Special Discount Program for "Friends and Family"

So, who do I consider friends and who do I consider family?

Well, if you purchase one of my sinks, you are a friend. If you let me marry you, you are family. If you marry my sister, you are family. I bet most of you (really all of you) will fall in the "friend" category. So, here is what I will do for my friends. If your last name is Rachiele or Tucci, we should talk...

When you order one of my sinks, I will offer you an additional 10% discount on any item on our sister website (Hand painted sinks, tubs and toilets as well as cabinetry harware) (with the exception of Waterstone Faucets - we automatically give the lowest price allowed by Waterstone to our Rachiele sink owners*: We will automatically apply the discount, because after all - we will already be friends after you invest in one of my sinks. Please note: The prices on the USA Home site for Waterstone are NOT current. We have not had time to update pricing since their recent price increase.

This additional discount does not apply to our custom sinks. *We offer a very unique service with our Waterstone sales. We open every package, inspect it for imperfections and then take high resolution photos of every angle of the items. We keep those images in your digital file indefinitely. Anyone in my company can find that information quickly if you ever need it.