Discount Program for my friends and family!

Special Discount Program for "Friends and Family"

So, who do I consider friends and who do I consider family?

Well, if you purchase one of my sinks, you are a friend. If you let me marry you, you are family. If you marry my sister, you are family. I bet most of you (really all of you) will fall in the "friend" category. So, here is what I will do for my friends. If your last name is Rachiele or Tucci, we should talk...

When you order one of my sinks, I will offer you an additional 10% discount on any item on our sister website (with the exception of Waterstone Faucets which will change to 5% January 1, 2017)*: We will automatically apply the discount, because after all - we will already be friends after you invest in one of my sinks. Here is a link to our other website.

*Waterstone did something this year that I am not happy with. Instead of having a price increase, they altered the dealer discount by 7% - meaning the dealers make 7% less than last year - selling the same product with the same overhead with the same effort. That, in my opinion, is not right. Therefore, we have had to alter our decade long 10% discount on Waterstone to 5%. I hope you understand. If you would like to express your opinion, feel free to email me and I will pass it on to Waterstone.