Bayes Stainless Steel Cleaner and Protectant

Folks, this is the most amazing stainless steel cleaner and protectant I have ever used. I can't think of any product that I have ever used that exceeded my expectations like this product. I am certain you will love this one!
Over the years, I have purchased just about every kind of stainless cleaner on the market - with poor results. The results were horrible. Some of the cleaners took 20 minutes to apply, some smelled like dead fish, some actually made the stainless look worse. I even tried WD40 and many of the online magic tricks mentioned - to no avail.

I had a 48" stainless steel refrigerator that has looked awful for years. My mother would occasionally say "I am glad I don't have stainless appliances" when she visited. She would often mention that I should get a new one because the kitchen was so lovely and the refrigerator looked so horrible.

I didn't blame her. I was about fed up too. That all changed when I discovered the only stainless steel cleaner and protectant on the market that is EPA approved. Yep, it is the only one approved by the EPA. Sadly, due to my mindset the mere fact of their approval gave me the impression that it would likely NOT work. I was very skeptical, to say the least. Boy was I wrong. This has to be my number one favorite product. My appliances always look brand new now.

Check this out... only two to three sprays on a micro-fiber cloth and that will likely be enough for the entire kitchen. A bottle will last you for a very long time. This product must be used with a micro-fiber cloth or you will be disappointed. Best yet, it inhibits finger printing! I use it on all of the cast iron pieces of my gas cooktop for over 12 years- and when I purchased a new one, the installer asked why I was replacing a cooktop that looked new! I even use this on the black and stainless portions of my outdoor grill to keep it looking new. Have fun with it!

Bayes Stainless steel cleaner

Bayes stainless steel cleaner and protectant
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Best yet, the Bayes Stainless Cleaner inhibits future finger printing and dust.