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We use only Domestic Marine/Medical/food Grade Type 316 Stainless Steel in our Custom Sinks

The vast majority of sink manufacturers (if not all of them) use a lower grade, type 304 stainless. hammered nickel sinks
"304 stainless steel does have one weakness: it is susceptible to corrosion from chloride solutions, or from saline environments like the coast. Chloride ions can create localized areas of corrosion, called "pitting," which can spread beneath protective chromium barriers to compromise internal structures. Solutions with as little as 25 ppm of sodium chloride can begin to have a corrosive effect." (Source:
I have always been interested in improving my offerings to make sure they are the best in the world. Type 316 is a bit more expensive, however, I justify this by the realization that my sinks are not throw away sinks. Rachiele sinks are designed and built to last generations.
316 Marine Grade Benefits over typical 304 Stainless Steel:
  1. Superior Corrosion Resistance
  2. Greater Resistance to Chemical Attack
  3. Considerably more Resistant to Acid Solutions, Chlorides, Bromides, Iodides and Fatty Acids at High Temperatures.
  4. Type 316 contains Molybdenum and is Required in the Manufacturing of Certain Pharmaceuticals in Order to Avoid Excessive Metallic Contamination.
  5. Maximum Resistance to Pitting (Type 304 can pit when exposed to a mixture of salt and vinegar)
  6. Prevents Sitting Water and or Soap from Staining (This is a huge benefit)
  7. Resistant to Chlorine (You should never put pure bleach in ANY type 304 sink! - just Google this, you will see this is a fact!)
  8. Can be Used in an Outdoor Installation without worry about staining.
  9. It Does not React to the Alkalies and Acids found in Milk, Cooked Foods, Vegetables, and Food Additives
  10. Homes in Coastal Areas with Salt in the Air will Benefit from Type 316 Stainless - no fear of rusting or corroding.
  11. Higher resistance to pitting and scaling.

Custom Made in the USA Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks - All sinks are 16 gauge, all are custom made. All are Hand-Crafted in Florida in my Factory.

NEW DESIGN FEATURE FOR 2018 NexGen is the next generation in workstation sinks. Up until now, workstation sinks had a "step" that held up the accessories. My new innovative design removes the step and the sink width remains the same at the bottom as the top. This innovation gives the user an extra inch of front to back space in the sink with this option. My design gives 34 square inches of additional space inside a 36" sink. You just might fit your outdoor grill inside the sink!

Caution: if you are looking at hammered nickel sinks, read this thread on

We are often asked; "What is the best type of stainless for a residential sink?" We use only USA sourced stainless type 316. The type of stainless we use insures it will not rust like many of the stainless sinks that are imported from China. We specialize in hammered and custom stainless kitchen sinks. We have lead the industry in sink design with firsts such as: Rear corner drains, retrofit farmhouse sinks, textured stainless steel (Millennia), workstation sinks (Signature Series) ergonomically designed depths of bowls, and much more.

This is just one example of the difference between a Rachiele sink and most others. The retail price on this Franke PKX11028 28 3/4" sink is $2399. What other "Luxury Brands" pass off as first quality would be put in our scrap bin. Rachiele leads the industry in quality and innovation.