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Prep or Bar Sink Special. Overall 18" long, 17" wide. Interior 16" long, 15" wide. Bowl depth 6". Rear center drain. We have only two left at this price. copper prep sink on sale tag
$1,197.00   $980.00 FREE SHIPPING - Can ship within 5 working days.
Drain Type:
Tan Plumbers Putty - checked ( Add $12.00 )
Color matched caulk - checked ( Add $12.00 )

The vast majority of the sinks we build are custom fitted to the user(s). This is a semi-custom sink, allowing for a choice of patina on the apron. It is a first quality 36" Copper Signature Series Workstation Farm Sink. Your order will come with a butcher grade white poly cutting board, a tube of color matched caulk for installation. Easy care, lifetime warranty. US 14 gauge cold rolled copper, made in the USA by Rachiele. FLASH SALE! If you can wait for this sink until late September, take an additional 5% off by using Discount Code DFR5.
Discount code is good for this sink only on this page.

Special Price on 36" Farmhouse Workstation Copper Signature Series Sink with Poly Board and a tube of color matched caulk for installation. copper farm sink on sale
$2,826   $2,510.00 Over 10% off our sale price! (Includes FREE SHIPPING) If you can wait... use Discount Code DFR5
Patina choice:
12 Inch Copper Grid - checked ( Add $270.00 )
Add a Sponge Caddy - checked ( Add $175.00 )
Wood Cutting Board:
Tan Plumbers Putty - checked ( Add $12.00 )
Soap Scrubbie - checked ( Add $8.50 )
Drain or Flange:

About our WHITE POLY CUTTING BOARDS... They are unlike anything you have used before. These are Butcher Grade Boards. They do not get all nasty and discolored. They do not get all cut up and fuzzy. These are designed to last for years. You cannot even purchase this type of material on a retail level. These are truly amazing!

I recommend this Disposal - click the image to the left to get one at that price through Amazon.

We rarely have seconds, but this one has a very slight imperfection inside the bowl on the back top portion of the apron. It is not visible while using the sink. You would have to lean over the sink to see it. That being said, it is not a very noticable imperfection anyway. Because it is a second quality, we are discounting it 25%. The price includes shipping in the Continental U.S.

Clearance 30 inch Millennia Stainless Under Mount Farm Sink
$3,190.00   $2,395.50 (25% off)
Gray Plumbers Putty - checked ( Add $12.00 )
Crating and Shipping:




We have quite a few old style Stainless Sponge Caddys. The holes are a different size from what we now produce and they are shorter as well. They should fit any of our Signature Series and NexGen sinks unless the sink was a custom front to back width. The vast majority of our Signature Series sinks built over the last 4-6 years should allow these to work. If you have any concerns about fitting, please call me at 407-880-6903 These will fit our current sinks too!

Stainless Steel Sponge Caddy - Old Style (Save $100)
$195.00   $65.00

top mount stainless drop in sink on sale
Top Mount Rustic Matte Stainless Clearance Price
$3,515.00    Drastically Reduced! $2,200.00 with FREE Shipping in the Continental US.
Crating and Shipping:

"My Rachiele Copper Sink Story Wow! It looks gorgeous with my marble counters and Italian cabinets. The customer service is outstanding. Yes, I actually talked to Dino--live. Looking over my notes I had forgotten how many copper sinks I had considered before selecting Rachiele. Maybe Dino doesn't want me to mention competitors' sinks, but since they don't compare to his sinks in quality and price, I don't think he'll mind. I had originally selected Native Trails because I saw one in the showroom of the place where I bought my appliances. Then I looked at Brass Elegans, Signature Hardware, Highpoint Collection, Copper Sinks Store and many others. I remember I was very concerned about the color. I did not want a shiny copper-penny color; I wanted a darker bronze shade (color of an old penny). Since I talked to Dino via Live Chat, he sent me a link, while we were talking, to show me the exact color. The color was exactly what I wanted and when my sink arrived, it was exactly the color of the sink in link he had provided. Choosing Rachiele among all the available copper kitchen sinks was easy: it was the only sink that had the drain in the corner. As a person who cooks a lot there is nothing worse than putting your colander in sink with the drain hole in the middle and having all the water back up onto your pasta. Also if you don't have the drain in the corner, you are almost forced to buy a grate insert to sit on your sink in order to elevate the pans and dishes so the water can drain. I prefer simple, elegant solutions to problems and the corner drain is both simple and elegant and it works. Since I was buying the copper sink for its anti-microbial quality, I wanted to make certain that the copper purity and content was as represented. I felt much more comfortable buying a sink that was manufactured in the U.S. rather than someplace like China where the factories take a lot of shortcuts and don't necessarily follow the specifications they are given, ergo the cheaper prices. Would I buy another sink from Dino? Yes, most definitely. I am going to be remodeling another kitchen and a Rachiele copper sink is at the top of my list for that house."


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