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Please note: No additional discounts or coupons will be honored for items on this page. All items on this page are very close to or under my cost. Thank you.

Copper sinks on special today!

I will have more sinks on clearance in the next several days. So if you don't see what you need, try back daily. These sinks sell fast, so don't hesitate.

Every once in a while everything clicks! We just ran a batch of 36" copper farmhouse workstation sinks and my labor costs dropped significantly on this particular run. I am passing the savings on to you! Includes: New upgraded top coat, Copper 12" grid, 12" poly cutting board, a tube of color matched caulk and a drain or disposal assembly in solid copper. Free shipping in the continental US.

Copper farmhouse sink Price includes a weathered patina. If you would like to upgrade the patina, you may do so by noting your choice in the notes section as you check out. There will be an additional cost for upgraded patinas. Your card is NEVER charged online automatically. You can order with confidence and we will follow up to confirm your order before charging your card.

Crazy price on 36" Farmhouse Workstation Copper Signature Series Sink with Accessories
$4,036.00   $3,750.00
Drain or Flange:



This is a brand new 48" Copper Under Mount Evolution Sink. This sink normally sells for $5021 with all accessories and ground UPS shipping. When you order an Evolution Workstation sink, the entire package is priced as a complete unit. It will include the following items:
1 Copper sink with two tiers and right drain location
1 Universal Copper grid
1 Universal American Black Walnut Cutting Board (or Cherry)
1 Universal White Poly Board with Hole for Colander or Mixing Bowl
1 Universal White Poly Board with 6 Holes for Serving Trays
6 Polycarbonate Serving Trays, (3) 2” deep (3) 4” deep
6 Polycarbonate Lids
1 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl
1 Stainless Steel Colander
1 Universal White Poly Cutting Board
1 Sponge Caddy
1 Solid Copper Disposal Assembly or drain.
1 Drain Hole Coverlet 

Shipping price includes:
1 Custom Made Wooden Plywood Box for shipping
Packing materials
ShockWatch Monitor on box to indicate rough handling

Offering a 15% discount!

48" Copper Evolution Two Tiered Under Mount Sink Special!
$5,021.00   $4,267.85
Drain or Disposal Flange Assembly:
Crating and Shipping - Ground UPS Cont. US.

Copper farmhouse sink
I have two 33" Copper Farmhouse Signature Series Workstation Sinks that are designed for either tall or short people. If you are under 5'4" or over 6' - these sinks are built for you. Instead of being 8" deep, they are an ergonomically correct 7 1/2" deep. Trust me on this, you will love this depth! I am thinking of offering these more often for those who are in these height ranges. These sinks are partially built and will take a couple of weeks to finish up.

33" Copper Farmhouse Workstation Sink
$3,429.00   $2,900.00 (Save $529)
Apron finish:
Cutting Board:
Copper Grid - checked ( Add $270.00 )
Sponge Caddy - checked ( Add $175.00 )
Drain or Disposal Assembly:
Color Matched Caulk Recommended:

Special price on a 30" copper under mount sink if you can wait several weeks for delivery. This sink, with a solid copper drain or disposal flange and a tube of caulk, normally sells for $ 1916. I am offering it delivered for $1550. The price is below the thinner inferior Mexican import (Native Trails) - and I am including a solid copper drain, color matched caulk and crating/shipping! My sink requires no drying after each use, no waxing and does not have a fake finish!

Better hurry. There will be a 4 week lead time on this, as we are extremely busy with sold custom sinks.

30 Inch copper under mount sink
$1,916.00   $1,550.00 - This price is less than the sale price for the Mexican copper sink by Native Trails!
Drain or disposal flange system:

This sink has an interesting story. A design firm in Ireland ordered several identical sinks from us with center drains. I had initially discussed the benefits of a rear corner drain, but the order came in as center drain sinks. A few days after the order, they changed their minds and went with corner drain sinks. They didn't realize that we might start cutting the sinks the day of the order. This sink was cut in our Turret Punch, so we decided we would build it and sell it, as it is a perfectly good sink. The sink measures 29 1/2" overall length, 17 3/4" overall width and 8" deep. Inside dimensions are 27 1/2" by 15 3/4".

29 1/2" Copper Under Mount Sink with Center Drain
$1,889.00   $1,300.00 with FREE Crating and Shipping in the Cont. US.
Drain or Disposal Flange Assembly:
Color Matched Caulk:
Crating and Shipping:

This sink is a first quality top mount Trough Sink - perfect for beverages, filling with ice or other fun kitchen projects.

Top Mount 42" Trough Sink in Copper
$2,350.00   $1,999.00
Drain or Disposal Flange Assembly:
Color Matched Caulk:
Crating and Shipping:

We are making these in quantity. 33" copper farmhouse sink available at a special price. The patina offered is weathered. We have not put a patina on the sink yet, hence the long wait. Our sale price is regularly $2931 including a drain or flange, a tube of caulk with crating and shipping. I am offering this one ONLY, at $2625 including shipping anywhere in the continental US. Native Trails Mexican 16 gauge 33" farmhouse sink is on sale is $2238 without a drain or caulk. Includes our new upgraded topcoat.

33" Copper apron farmhouse sink with weathered patina
$2,625.00 includes free shipping in the continental US
Drain or disposal flange system:


copper farmhouse sink on sale made in the USA by Rachiele

This is a perfectly new 36" Copper Farmhouse sink. It is designed to fit most 36" cabinets that are appropriate for farmhouse sinks. You can select your patina on this sink. It is not quite complete in the factory yet.

36" Copper Farmhouse Sink
$3,231.00   $2,849.00 (SOLD) NOT AVAILABLE!
Color Matched Caulk, 5.5 Ounces:
Drain or Flange:
Crating and Shipping:

I have some 33" Signature Series Under Mount Workstation Sinks on Sale! We are going to produce a large grouping of this size, which will bring the cost down. Includes a copper grid, a poly cutting board (upgradeable to an antimicrobial board) a tube of color matched caulk and a solid copper drain or disposal assembly. Other options can be added at this base price. Please expect a 4 week lead time (possibly shorter).

Get one for just $2500 - delivered anywhere in the Continental US.

33" Signature Series Copper Under Mount Workstation Sink
Copper Grid - No Charge
Poly Cutting Board - No Charge
Substitute a Sand color antimicrobial poly board - 12 inch ( Add $35.00 )
Sponge Caddy - A great accessory ( Add $175.00 )
Wood Cutting Board:
Add a Bowl - checked ( Add $680.00 )
Strainer for Add a Bowl - checked ( Add $680.00 )
Drain or Disposal Assembly:
Color Matched Caulk:
Crating and Shipping:

copper farmhouse sink on sale

38" Copper Workstation Farmhouse Sink
$3,450.00   $2,899.00 with Free Shipping in the Continental US
Copper Sponge Caddy - checked ( Add $175.00 )
Poly Cutting Board:
Wood Cutting Board:
Copper Grid:
Add a Bowl - checked ( Add $680.00 )
Strainer for Add a Bowl - checked ( Add $680.00 )
Drain or Flange:
Color Matched Caulk, 5.5 Ounces:

Refurbished 42" Stainless Steel Hand Hammered Farmhouse Sink $3900 delivered in the Continental US. Save over $1000. In perfect and new condition with full warranty. Includes all of the accessories shown below.

42" Rustic Matte Hammered Stainless Workstation Farmhouse Sink with Accessories
$4,938.00   $3,900.00 FREE Shipping in the Continental US. Will fit most 42" long cabinets.

top mount stainless drop in sink on sale
Top Mount Rustic Matte Stainless Clearance Price
$3,515.00   $2,800.00 with FREE Shipping in the Continental US.
Crating and Shipping:

This sink is a first quality Millennia Stainless Signature Series Workstation sink. Inside dimensions are correct. Overall length is 31 1/8"

Millennia Under Mount Workstation Sink
$2,484.50   $1,942.25
Millennia Grid 12 inches wide - checked ( Add $300.00 )
Cutting Board:
Crating and Shipping:

We have been doing a bit of remodeling in our office and I found a brand new Watestone 6200 in American Bronze in the back sink packaging area. This faucet retails for $2491. I am offering it for $1700 including delivery. Waterstone is having yet another price increase August 1st, so this is a real good opportunity to save. This bridge faucet swivels 360 degrees and is backed with a lifetime mechanical warranty.

Waterstone Special Sale 6200 American Bronze Faucet
$2,491.00   $1,700.00



We do not have any other items on clearance at the moment. They have all sold out! Check back soon.