Copper Sinks: Comparing Copper Sinks with the Imports.

Let's do some copper sink comparing... Why are my copper sinks entirely different from all of the other copper sinks on the market?

The only comparison you can make between my copper sink and all others is the fact they are both sinks. Everything else is different! Make sure you scroll all the way down the page.

Take a look at the chart below (taken from Wikipedia) Note the hardness difference between annealed copper and cold rolled copper. The imports use recycled annealed copper. We use only cold rolled virgin USA mined copper. Now look at the yield strength and tensile strength differences. You can see that the differences are very significant. I am not aware of any other copper sink manufacturer that uses 14 gauge cold rolled copper.

Copper hardness chart

A Native Trails copper sink is arguably the best selling of all copper sinks on the market. The best price I could find online is below - a discounted price for a 33" copper farm sink is $2193.75 with free shipping. (Made in Mexico with annealed recycled copper) Our sinks are made right here in Florida of pure virgin 14 gauge American cold rolled copper. Our sinks require NO drying after each use, as suggested by almost all of the imports. Keep in mind, the workers in Mexico are making about 100 pesos a day - that converts to $8.00 per DAY of work. My highly skilled metal workers make several times that amount per HOUR!

Now, let's look at the specifications... Below, find the specifications for their 33" sink on the left and mine on the right.. They have a very thick apron on their sinks. It is a full 3 1/2" thick. That pushes you further away from the work area than an under mount sink. That defeats the ergonomic value of an apron sink. The ergonomic value of a farm sink is that you can work closer to the sink bowl - keeping you from bending and reaching to work in the sink. Our apron thickness is 1 1/2". You work 60% closer to the bowl with our design. Secondly their drain is smack in the middle of the bowl. There is no logical reasoning behind this location,. As soon as you put anything large in the sink, you are covering the drain. Our drain is ergonomically placed in the rear corner. You can wash on the right, and set off to dry on the left. Lastly, the Native Trails design wastes a significant amount of valuable real estate. Their interior only measures 17" wide and 28" long. Our 33" sink width is 17 1/2" by 31" long. Our 33" sink has 14% more usable space! (28" by 17 1/2"). Not only that, but the bottom of my sink is flat all the way to the sides. The imports have large radii that make it impossible to place glasses near the side of the sink - wasting even more space.

Lastly, look close at their online photos of installed sinks. You will notice that almost all of the sinks have issues with lining up with adjacent cabinets (sinks out of square) and also the sinks will show varying reveals at the counter top because the sinks are hardly every true and square.

I was asked "Why should I spend $1000 more for your copper sink verses Coppersinksonline? This was my answer: Copper Sink Comparison

These are just some of the benefits of investing in a Rachiele Copper Sink:

Domestic Copper - no need to worry about contaminants
No Need To Dry Sink After Every Use - Use my sink like a sink. Simply rinse after use. No drying or waxing!
Cold Rolled Copper - many times harder, less likely to dent
True Natural Patina on Bowl - virtually indestructible. Patina will always regenerate to the original color tones.
Offset Drain - allows for placing items in the sink without covering the drain. You can wash on the right and set off on the left. Offset drain allows for full size double trash rollout behind left sink cabinet door.
Sink Design - allows for smaller sink cabinet and more usable interior sink space.
Apron Thickness - My sink apron is less than half the thickness of the imports. Less reaching, easy on the back.
Size Tolerance - My sinks are the sizes we show on our specifications. You can plan and prepare cabinetry well ahead of time. The imports must put yeast in the copper. They all say the dimensions can vary plus or minus 1/2". (Depending on baking temperature I suppose)
Guarantee - No other company, of any kind, offers a money back guarantee plus $100 for your inconvenience if you are not thrilled with the quality of the sink when received.

clearance textured stainless steel workstation prep sink If you ever wondered why the vast majority of imported copper sinks are hammered, take a look at the poor quality of the welded corners on this sink. If this was smooth copper this would stand out like a sore thumb!

Last, but not least.

I call this the HOAX that has been perpetrated on the public. This is what you should consider when a company says they use recycled copper. If the company of origin is Mexico, India, China, Turkey, etc., how the heck do they come up with purity percentages? It is inherent in all recycled copper that the purity level changes from batch to batch. Some companies show scrap copper pipes, etc. being melted down. Do you really think those companies really have independent testing of each batch of copper? Think about it for a minute. If they are going to make those outrageous claims, have them prove it. Have them email you independent certifications papers on the most recent batch. I have been watching these claims go unchallenged for almost two decades. I can show you independent certification of every shipment of copper I receive and am glad to send you a copy if requested. So what can commonly be found in recycled copper if it is not purified properly? Lead, Mercury and Arsenic.