Accessories for copper and stainless sinks and more

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Copper Cooking Diffuser Plates

copper cooking diffuser platesClick here for the copper cooking diffuser plates

Sponge Caddy sponge caddy for workstation sink

Sponge Caddy for Signature Series Sinks

Folks, this is a great item - inspired by a past customer. It will sit under a grid or cutting board. It is removable too. It is one of the best gadgets in my kitchen. In fact, the photo is of our kitchen sink that sits in our island.

Solid wood Cutting Boards

for our Standard Size Signature Series Sinks
These measure 15" wide and 17 1/4" long by 1" thick.

cutting boards for workstation sinks

Wood Cutting Boards
Wood Choice:

Accessories for our Signature Series Sinks

poly cutting board for workstation sinks poly board accessory for workstation sinkcolander for workstation sinkstainless steel mixing bowl for workstation sink

My Poly Cutting boards are much harder and cut/stain resistant than what you are used to. That was recently confirmed by a full time butcher that visited our office. These are commercial grade - used by butchers. My poly boards are made in the USA, not China!

12 inch Poly board:
Mixing Bowl:
poly board with hole for accessories:

Misc. Accessories - Extra Bumpers, Bus. Card Holders

rubber bumpers Extras are Always sent with your sink. If you lost them, you can order more here!

12 Bumpers for Grid

copper business card holder
Copper Business card holder
$80.00   $39.50

This is our standard grid that typically measures 17 1/4" by either 12" or 15". Custom sizes are available by request (please call). These are designed to sit either on the ledge of the Signature Series sink or on the bottom of any of our sinks. The bottom of our non- Signature Series sink normally measures 17 1/2", so these will fit lengthwise and take up either 12" or 15" in width. copper grid for copper workstation sinks

I can make one of these to sit in the bottm of our corner sinks as well. All grid sizes smaller than 16" wide (right to left) are included in the price below.

3/4" tall copper or stainless grid

color matched copper caulk We had this caulk matched to the color of our weathered copper sinks. Not only is it a good match, the caulk will not react with the copper like so many other caulks will. It will not leach into granite like silicone will. Great choice!

Color Matched Weathered Copper Caulk