The best quality copper lavatory sinks on the market...  Rachiele sinks I hope you will consider joining our family of custom sink owners. I look forward to working with you.

Copper Bathroom Lavatory Sinks

copper lavatory rectangular sink

Rachiele sinks make a statement of quality that sets the stage for the entire room.

A rectangular lavatory sink certainly is the most practical - and our most popular sink for the bathroom. We manufacture these sinks using 14 gauge certified made in the USA (Cold Rolled) copper right here in little ole' Apopka, Florida.

The most common size is 18" long by 15" wide and 5" deep. That being said, we can custom make these in virtually any size. We have built them as long as 96".

wall hung corner copper lav sink This is a small wall hung corner apron sink that we made in July of 2016
Custom Copper Vessel Sinks These are custom vessel sinks that we made for a client in late 2017. Do not compare our copper sinks with the imports. The copper we use is superior, the handcraftsmanship is superior and the care is far easier.
Custom Copper Vessel Sinks Radius bottom under mount lavatory sink. pricing

Custom Round copper undermount lavatory sink (Left) Drop in or Self Rimming (Middle) Vessel (Right)

round copper lavatory sink Round Copper Under Mount Sink. Price roughly $2300.
round top mount copper lav sink Round Copper Top Mount Sink. Price roughly $2,600
round copper lavatory sink Copper Vessel sink with Rustic Patina. A sink like this will price near $3,000.

These sinks are custom made - very different than the imports you see that are spun copper or hammered into shape. These sinks are precision made and require a tremendous amount of welding.

96 inch long copper lavatory sink This 96" long copper lavatory sink was built as a top mount sink for the bathroom of two boys.
copper pedestal custom lavatory sink Custom Pedestal sink.
round copper lavatory sink Custom Hammered 48" Copper lavatory sink.

All of our copper lavatory sinks, vessels, trough sinks and pedestals are custom made to order. If you are looking to make a statement in the bathroom, a Rachiele sink will certainly accomplish the goal.

We have been offering high quality copper sinks since 1999. Our designs are thoughtful and refined to meet the needs of our clients.

welding copper Hand Crafted by some of the finest metal workers in the USA.