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Check this out. I found a company whose sole source of income is faucet replacement parts. Waterstone is the only company not on their list. Click here to see the huge list of manufacturers represented. New York Replacement Parts Corp.. makes a living selling parts for everyone else's faucets. If that company can make a living selling everyone else's faucet parts, doesn't that tell you something? It should! Most of the companies they represent have a "lifetime warranty". So how is it they can make a living selling their parts? Hmmm... I smell something fishy. So much for "their" lifetime warranties! There is never a need to purchase a Waterstone part - ever! Waterstone faucet parts are always under warranty! Waterstone is clearly the finest faucet made anywhere at any price.

Waterstone Positive Lock Pull down Faucet is easily the finest faucet in the world. This faucet (model 5500) is made by Waterstone of California and is appropriate on sinks that are 36" and longer. Unique PLP positive lock holds spray head in place. Spray head extends 18" from spout. Single lever control hot/cold ceramic disk valve cartridge. The spray works when you squeeze the handle - goes back to regular stream when you let go! I stock only the American Bronze. We sell a faucet with just about every sink. Get yours today.

Generally, these faucets can take 4-8 weeks to build. They are all made to order. That being the case, I keep them in stock in American Bronze (looks best with our copper sinks) for quick delivery. Shipping is FREE. The video below illustrates a 5500 Waterstone faucet, soap dispenser and disposal air switch. The model 5500 is best for sinks 36" and larger. The smaller, 5600 model, is best suited for smaller sinks and prep sinks. We stock them in American Bronze as shown in the video.

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I recommend the model 5500 for sinks that are 36" and larger. For those of you who have sinks that are smaller than 36", the smaller model 5600 is the faucet for you. This faucet is just a bit smaller in reach and height, but has all of the wonderful features. The contemporary versions are 5300 (lg) and 5400 (sm).

If you would like to see how other faucets are ranked by an independent company (Starcraft Custom Builders), click here. If you are in the Lincoln, Nebraska area, you might want to visit Starcraft. From what I can tell, they are one heck of a great company. The only reason that company ranked Waterstone lower than a 10 was due to the fact that they see Waterstone's warranty as being lower rated than some others. I believe the less than perfect score was based on their warranty. Waterstone has a non-conditional lifetime warranty on the working mechanisms of the faucets. They also have a lifetime warranty on some of the finishes. They offer 31 finishes - many more than just about all others. A good portion of those finishes are living finishes and it is impossible to put a lifetime warranty on a living finish. The vast majority of faucets manufacturers do not offer a living finish option. I would venture to say I have more experience selling faucets any just about any dealer in the country. The amount of warranty claims we get is far less than any other faucet company we have ever dealt with.

Waterstone 5600 PLP faucet

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