Copper samples by Rachiele I hope you will consider joining our family of custom sink owners. I look forward to working with you.

Copper Samples

We offer samples of the interior patina on our sinks only. The other patinas vary so much that a sample would not be beneficial. Also, some of the patinas require a larger piece of copper in order to achieve a patina. You probably already have a sample! A few old pennies will give you a fairly accurate color range.

If you return samples, we will credit you back all but $10 for the shipping. (Example; If you order 4 @$100 and return them in reusable condition, we will refund $90.

Our sinks pass the penny test.

Copper naturally wants to turn to the color of an old penny. Why other copper sink companies fight nature (with poor long term results) is a wonder to me. If you would like a sample, please order below. Price includes Free shipping. Sample is approximately 6" square. This sample will show the color range of the interior of our sinks along with the thickness and strength of our copper. You will receive the same material we use to build our sinks. One half will be top coated so you can see what our lacquer looks like. The other half will be without a top coat, so you can see what the interior of our sinks will look like. Price below includes shipping.

Weathered Copper Sample
Smooth - checked ($25.00 )
Hammered - checked ($25.00 )

If you are considering a hammered finish. Please order a sample. The copper we use is 7-8 times harder than the copper used by most imports and our hand hammering looks very authentic and pleasing to the eye.

Basically the interior of our sink is the color of an old penny. Trust me... any other color will be a problem down the road. This process is accomplished by our patineur, who uses only household vinegar to accelerate the natural aging process of the copper. No matter what you do to the interior of our sink, it will eventually naturally weather back to this general color. Any sink you see on the market that is not this color range, is artificially aged or has a faux finish. Once you cut through the artificial faux finish, it will turn to the color of an old penny - making the sink look like it has a permanent blemish. My sinks are the ONLY copper sinks on the market with a lifetime transferable warranty and NO disclaimers about use and care. Just wash with dish soap - no other care is necessary.

This is a close up photo of the bottom of an imported sink sent in by a current customer who replaced their imported copper sink with one of ours. You can see the fake finish coating over the copper. This will NEVER hold up, as you can see. Do it right the first time and it will cost less in the long run. (My parents taught me that lesson).

Do yourself a favor. Research before you invest or you will be sorry!
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