They say some of the funniest things!!!

If you have a weak bladder, I suggest a bathroom break before reading... Are they kidding? I have copied "word for word" from other copper sink web sites (misspelled words and all). I am convinced of two things: If people actually buy these sinks after reading the use and care, they must be using the sink as an ornament! This is the page that I had the most fun putting together. I could hardly believe what I was finding. I still look at this page every once and a while when I need a good laugh!

Folks, please do your homework. Try and find contact information, warranty, etc. on the web sites of any company you are considering purchasing any product from. Many hide their identity, many do not identify where the products are manufactured, many do not show any warranty information and some only take checks. A great deal of companies do their best to make you think their sinks are made in the USA. There are only a handful of companies that make copper sinks in the USA. Ours are made right here in Apopka, Florida. Read the use and care statements (if they have any). I have taken the following text (word for word) from over a dozen copper sink web sites. I find the statements nothing short of astonishing! Don't believe me? Google the statements and you will find the owners. See for yourself. Want to have some fun, try and find the warranty and use and care information on copper sink web sites. Read on and you can see why! First, take a minute and watch this video That video is an indicator of what you are likely in for when you purchase an imported copper sink. Elkay copper sinks, I believe, were supplied by Native Trails. I have done quite a bit with Elkay in the past and have found them to be very thorough in their testing and in clearly showing use and care videos. I believe they have since halted selling copper sinks. It makes one wonder...

My Use and Care statement for copper sinks is one sentence long. Here it is: "For regular maintenance, simply rinse the sink after each use and wash the interior of the sink with any dish soap to keep clean." I offer a lifetime transferable warranty. Makes you wonder why most have a year warranty and paragraphs of do's and don'ts... (Their comments on the LEFT, mine on the RIGHT)

They actually said this stuff!

  The best way to keep your hammered bathroom copper sink, kitchen sink or bathroon copper tub as new is just wiping up any water residuals left after usage and keeping it as dry as possible. The best results can be achieved appyling a food grade wax such as beeswax or orange wax every month or depending on its usage as required.  

My Comments!

Folks, these are copied spelling mistakes and all. Are these folks serious? They want you to wipe up ANY "water residuals" after usage and keep it as dry as possible. My head is about to explode. I don't have time to wax my car once a month! Who the heck buys these sinks? Well, it is the uninformed. They generally get around to calling me after it is too late trying to find a fix to a problem with their sink finish - 95% of the time there is no fix possible. Keep reading, it gets even funnier!

  To keep sinks in pristine condition, dry after use. Copper Sinks will replace without charge, (excluding labor) any copper sink supplied by Copper Sinks that is proven to be defective, with an equivalent replacement, within the specified appropriate period from date of purchase, to the original owner, provided it has been used solely in a residential application and installed in accordance with the Copper Sinks installation instructions, used and cleaned as recommended, and not damaged due to abuse, misuse, or negligence.  

Did you read that? Best not use the sink at all if you want to keep it in pristine condition. My stomach is starting to hurt! They recommend drying your sink after every use. Then they state the warranty is only good if used and cleaned as recommended. Did you also note there is no specific time for the warranty? It's a good thing I haven't eaten yet today.

  Copper is also malleable. Materials that are malleable can be hammered or stretched or rolled into various shapes with relative ease, while still maintaining their strength. Some metals, like copper, are also ductile, which means they are flexible. Should your sink arrive with a bent edge, it can be hammered back into position with little effort. Use a wooden or rubber mallet to straighten any edges that may have been altered in shipping.  

Annealed copper is very soft. That is specifically why we don't use it! Folks, I am just copying word for word. Makes you wonder... We use 14 gauge cold hard copper with over 12 times the yield strength of 14 gauge annealed copper (many of the imports use 16 gauge annealed recycled copper).

  We do not consider product variances as defects. Improper cleaning or care of copper sealed products may result in patina changes or removal and are not subject to warranty claims. Any warranty claim will subject to shipping charges.  

Now my head hurts! Really? A product variance is not a defect? Then what the heck is a defect? That comment could not be broader. Size variance, color variance, quality variance, etc. I think there is a song that goes... Killing me softly...

  Do not use abrasive materials or harsh chemicals on any of our products - these can harm the surface.  

Not a problem at all on our sinks. Harming a surface is not an issue with our sinks. Whatever you do to the sink will not permanently harm our sinks. The natural patina will indeed return in time and blend in with our original patina. Go ahead, use an abrasive if you must. Those guys use an artificial finish on their sinks - no way to ever repair them if you harm their artificial finish.

  In general, it is best to clean your copper sink using only warm water and a mild soap, such as a non-abrasive dish detergent. This should get any residue off of the copper. After giving your copper kitchen sink a bath, simply dry it off with a soft towel. Doing so will stop any pooling of water, which can cause temporary discoloration in the natural, living metal..  

Pooling water will damage any sink - even a stainless sink. It appears that doing the dishes is not enough of a chore. A pool should be in the back yard, not a sink! My sinks are guaranteed to evacuate water properly without pooling water.

  Keep your basin and drain clean and dry by wiping it down periodically with a soft cloth.  

Keep your basin dry? Are we still talking about a sink here? There are at least 6 companies who suggest wiping down the copper sink after each use. Can you say "High Maintenance"? No wonder some folks say copper sinks are a pain in the neck! I am going to need therapy soon!!!

  For extra protection, a product such as Renaissance Wax may be applied to the copper surface periodically.  

Wax a sink? They must have meant wax your car. The competition clearly does not understand the natural properties of copper. We have been manufacturing copper long before most of these companies. There were only two of us online back in 1999. Now look at the dozens of newcomers! By the way, almost all copper sink companies cannot legally claim their sinks are antimicrobial. In fact, all imports cannot do so. Worse yet, waxing copper stops all antimicrobial action.

  Due to the variation in dimensions of our handcrafted basins (up to 1/2"), we do not supply templates. We recommend waiting to receive your actual bowl before making any cuts in the counter top. (This is my favorite)  

Are they using yeast in the copper process? They should say..."Due to the poor workmanship...". These are not one of a kind sinks folks. They make the same sink over and over. How is it possible that they can not make them all the same? Perfection in construction dates back to the ancient Egyptian days. Our custom handcrafted sinks have a 1/32 inch tolerance. I have been in showrooms where their imported copper apron front sinks are out of square by 3/16 inch- almost a half an inch. What is seen is a huge gap on either side of the apron, between the sink and the cabinet. There is no way to fix that problem, you just have to live with the gap. (Get out the caulk bazooka) Take at close look at the radius corners on most of the imported sinks. If you think the 1/2" variation in size is a problem, what do you tell the granite fabricator when the back corners of your sink have two radically different radii? I see this all the time. It looks very unprofessional. Folks, this is just sloppy workmanship. Think about it. Way back in the 1500's metal work was done by hand with precision. What you are getting is mass produced slop that is pawned off as handcrafted quality work generally done by impoverished workers and children using tools that were used 100 years ago.

  Do not use corrosives such as chlorine or concentrated vinegar on the copper sinks and/or abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals. These may damage the finish of the copper sink.  

They said it... "Finish" Yes, those items will harm their artificial finish. They will not harm my copper sink. My natural self-healing weathered interior will always regenerate. No worries!

  If an acidic product such as ketchup or lemon juice removes some of the patina, don't worry. The patina will return over time.  

This is clearly an intentional misleading statement. Copper will never age to the darkness of many of the sinks on the market. Nor will copper age in a uniform color as seen in some of the sinks on the market. This is why Rachiele only offers a natural weathered patina for the inside of our bowls which is varied in color and pattern. Rachiele can say, without hesitation, that the patina will return to our sink without looking like a blemish.

  We guarantee our products against defects in material or workmanship for 1 year.  

Imagine a one year warranty on a $2000 copper sink! (After a year, the defects in workmanship are the customers problem.) A Rachiele sink has a lifetime transferable warranty. My family name is on all of my sinks. I intend to be faithful to the integrity passed on by my family.

  If you are not 100% satisfied with our sinks, we will reimburse your purchase except for the shipping charges to and from our workshop. Shipping charges will vary depending on the sink size and model. Please contact us for more details.  

Shipping can be several hundred dollars. In fact, if you do the shipping, you are responsible for damage. A sink shipped in the same box twice will not pass UPS standards for damage reimbursement unless the sink is packed like ours. So, if you are unhappy with their sink, you are only out a few hundred dollars. If you are unhappy with the quality of a Rachiele sink, we refund your money, pay for all shipping and send you a check for $100 in consideration of your inconvenience.


After one year, all manufacturing defects are your problem. This is embarrassing. Folks, there are NO moving parts!

  You'll need to print it out, sign it, and send it back to us along with payment. At present we accept only payment by check.  

Is the reason they don't accept credit cards because they could be charged back in the event of a customer dissatisfaction? Are people so trusting that they would send a check across State lines with absolutely no recourse if the product is not what is expected?

  Yes the surface is protected. All of our copper sinks are "patinated". This is a process applied under heat to the surface of the copper sink that protects it from the elements.  

What??? A patina applied under heat protects it from the elements??? My brain is about to explode!!!! FAKE!

  Additionally, we cannot control the damage that is done to the patina through abuse.  

Please define abuse! Sounds like a great way to dodge a warranty issue. There is no way to damage the interior patina of my sinks, even with intention! Our natural patina will always return. That issue of our sink has a lifetime warranty, without any disclaimers. Have a party in the sink - no worries! If the color of the patina is not the color of an old penny, it is a FAKE finish!

  Maintenance-Wax your copper sink with a good quality auto wax at least twice a year (Spring and Fall). Apply wax, allow to haze and buff till removed. (* Our sink come prewaxed, so it is not necessary to wax after installation). Please note that you can always apply additional applications of wax, this provides an additional layer of protection.  

Go ahead, take it out for a drive... change the oil regularly... turn on the air conditioning, it is a kitchen sink, right? Waxing a sink will eliminate all antibacterial properties of the copper - per the EPA. Come on, no need to wax a copper sink if it is made properly.

  Copper is a soft metal...We recommend not to drop sharp items in your kitchen sink.  

Hey, no knives allowed in their sinks! I can't believe these folks actually sold a sink. Copper is only soft if it is annealed - most imported sinks are made of recycled annealed copper. . We do not use annealed copper, we use a very hard cold rolled pure approved copper in the manufacturing of Rachiele sinks. No need to worry about dropping sharp items. Our copper is about 8 times harder than what most imports use. There is only one source in the entire US that makes the copper we use. That is how rare it is! Our copper is 99.79% pure copper, the balance is pure sterling silver, but the molecular structure is different from annealed copper. The copper we use will barely dent if hit with a hammer!

  Hard Water - If you have hard water in your area, keep your copper sink and drain clean and dry by wiping it down with a soft cloth after every use to avoid spotting. Hard water will affect copper as it would any other type of metal, and it will be difficult to remove these spots after they etch the finish. You can also help protect your sink from hard water minerals by periodically applying "Renaissance Wax" to your sink which will help maintain its luster and provide better water runoff.  

Can you believe people actually purchase these sinks? This statement is from a well known copper sink manufacturer folks! No need to wipe down a Rachiele sink after each use! No wonder some people give advice to friends like "Don't get a copper sink, the maintenance is difficult". Folks, if you purchase the wrong sink, the maintenance IS overwhelming. If you purchase a Rachiele sink, the maintenance is less than any other type of sink - including stainless steel. We have hard water at our house. So hard, you can almost chew it. No issues with our copper sinks (4) or copper shower. We certainly do not dry them or wax them.

  If you are not completely satisfied, the piece can be returned for a full refund, except for any shipping costs to and from our workshop within 30 days after you receive your product. For us to process your refund the sink must be returned back to Mexico with insured shipping via courier only.  

I need a bottle of Tums. Can you imagine the cost, let alone the hassle, of shipping a sink back to Mexico? And did you read carefully? You have to pay shipping both ways!
My guarantee says "If you are not thrilled with the quality, I will buy it back, pay shipping both ways AND send you a check for $100 in consideration of your inconvenience.

  Copper Sinks: Clean sink with a soft sponge and mild dish soap. Wipe entire surface dry with a dry, clean, soft cloth after each use. Do not use cleaners which contain acids, harsh chemicals, or abrasives. Do not scrub or polish the sink. Avoid contact with citric and other natural acids.  

Did you know most foods are acidic? They want you to "avoid contact with other natural acids." Here is a partial list of natural acidic foods: Corn, lentils, winter squash and olives are all vegetables that are high in acid. Currants, blueberries, cranberries, canned fruits and glazed fruits are all examples of fruits that are acidic. Processed grains and baked goods that are made with them are high in acidity. Examples of these include white bread, white rice, pasta, biscuits, bagels, dough-nuts, pastries and crackers. All forms of milk, yogurt, cream cheese, cottage cheese, butter, ice cream and hard cheese are all high in acid. Nuts that are high in acid include pecans, walnuts -- pH 5.4 -- peanuts, cashews and pistachios. This also includes the butters that are made from them. Oils that are high in acid include olive, sesame, safflower, sunflower, avocado, corn and canola oil. All forms of alcohol are high in acid no matter whether they are light or low in calories. Examples of these include beer, wine -- sherry-wine has a pH of 3.4 -- hard liquor, spirits and scotch. Other beverages that are high in acid include soda, coffee and cocoa.
I suggest you purchase a separate sink for these items if you purchase one of "their" copper sinks. LOL

  When considering a smooth surface copper sink, be careful if it is for the kitchen or prep area. Smooth surfaces will show scratches and dents much more than a hammered surface which is a consideration if you are using the sinks to wash dishes, pots & pans, etc. In addition, the hammered surfaces are stronger than smooth surfaces and hold up better in the demanding kitchen environment.  

This is clearly misdirection. If a sink has a natural patina - like ours, scratches, no matter how deep, will vanish in a very short time (hammered or not). The same company is making illegal claims about their copper being antimicrobial (imported, recycled copper from Mexico). No imported copper sink can legally make that claim. Yes, hammering does slightly increase the strength of the annealed (soft) recycled copper, but does not make it remotely as strong as the cold rolled virgin domestic copper we use.

  Keep your basin and drain clean and dry by wiping it down periodically with a soft cloth. For extra protection, a product such as "Renaissance Wax" is highly recommended. This will help maintain the luster and provide better water runoff.  

Just today, I received a call from a gentleman in Colorado. He has a sink imported from Mexico that does not drain. He told me he has to squeegee out the sink every time he uses it. He wants to replace it, as the sink is a huge pain in the *****. Adding a wax is not going to fix this sort of problem! And did you read that carefully? KEEP your basin and drain clean and DRY?????? Come on folks. They have to count on no one reading that part. Yep, keep your sink dry. I used to read the Sunday comics for a laugh. No need any more...

  This warranty does not apply to damage or malfunction caused by any of the following: (a) installation of the product not in compliance with manufacturers instructions, (b) use of the product in a manner other than its intended use, (c) failure to maintain the product in accordance with manufacturers instructions,  

There it is! Did you catch that? "failure to maintain the product in accordance with manufacturer's instructions". Unless you can prove you dried the sink after each use, etc. there is NO WARRANTY. This is how they get out of the warranty.

  Return Policy: If your sink arrives and you find it does not fit your specifications. Please call for a Return Authorization for up to 14 days after sink delivery. You are responsible for both the shipping and the return shipping charges.  

I had to read that one Twice! If THEIR sink is out of specifications, no problem, just pay to have it returned. Rachiele guarantees that our sinks will fit your specifications. You will not be responsible for any costs for shipping in the event your sink does not fit the specifications given to you.

  Recycled vs. non-recycled - "The majority of the sinks in the industry are made of recycled copper or stainless steel, which is why they have a limited lifespan, limited warranty, and dull appearance. Recycled metals originate from allows that have been mixed with chemicals and other impurities - resulting in a product that will need to be dried, waxed, and heavily maintained.

Well, this is an apparent attempt by an American sheet metal/sink manufacturing company at baseless scare tactics based on uninformed information. Recycled metals are not mixed with impurities and chemicals if properly recycled. Most of the copper used in the US is recycled copper. If the recycling is done properly, there will be certifications indicating the purity. I have always said... show me the certifications. Having to dry, wax or heavily maintain the sink has NOTHING to do with the purity of the material as claimed by that company. There are significant reasons for why the imports require drying after each use, but this company clearly has no idea why that is. It has nothing to do with the purity of metal or whether it is recycled or not.

  Lenova Sinkware One Year Limited Warranty: In the event of a warranty claim the original owner must provide proof of purchase - save sales receipt. Keep your basin and drain clean and dry by wiping it down periodically with a soft cloth. For extra protection, a product such as "Renaissance Wax" may be applied to the copper surface periodically. This will help maintain the luster and provide better water runoff.  

Save the sales receipt? Come on. No sales receipt needed here. We actually keep records. Go figure. Would you spend money on a permanent fixture with a one year warranty? Red flag!!! "Better water runoff". That makes me believe they may have a drainage problem like most imports have.

Our use and care is only one sentence long. For regular maintenance, simply rinse the sink after each use and wash the interior of the sink with your dish soap to keep clean. That's it! Our sinks are guaranteed to drain properly! Lifetime Warranty!

This is the kind of trash (to the left) that I have to deal with on a daily basis. This literature was sent to me by a company in India who is currently selling several US companies. The photos look great. I ordered one to see what the quality would be. It was not only poorly made, but the drain would not fit a US standard lavatory drain. Secondly, take a look at the photo on the bottom left. That photo was lifted from my web site. I have since removed the photo from my site, as I didn't want anyone to think we were importing that junk. . They had the gall to ask for my business after they stole a photo from my site and put it in their printed literature.

This is a short list of what you will not get when purchasing any other copper sink:

  • Lifetime transferable warranty
  • Guarantee that you will be thrilled with the quality or we refund 100% of the cost of the sink, pay for all shipping and send you a check for $100 in consideration of your inconvenience.
  • A self healing naturally weathered patina inside the sink
  • Rear corner drain, allowing you to lay large items flat down in the sink without covering the drain
  • Direct contact with the owner 7 days a week with personal cell phone number.
  • Exclusive finishes on the apron portion of the sink
  • 14 gauge cold rolled copper - not annealed. Cold rolled copper is over 12 times the yield strength of annealed copper.
  • A guarantee your sink will drain properly
  • A use and care that is one sentence long "Rinse after use and just clean with dish soap"
  • Precision sizing and a guarantee your sink will be true and square. If you notice, most say their sinks can vary up to a half inch.

I call this the HOAX that has been perpetrated on the public. (for too long!)

This is what you should consider when a company says they use recycled copper. If the company of origin is Mexico, India, China, Turkey, etc., how the heck do they come up with purity percentages? It is inherent in all recycled copper that the purity level changes from batch to batch. Some companies show scrap copper pipes, etc. being melted down. Do you really think those companies really have independent testing of the copper? Think about it for a minute. If they are going to make those outrageous claims, have them prove it. Have them email you independent certifications papers on the most recent batch. I have been watching these claims go unchallenged for almost two decades. I can show you independent certification of every shipment of copper I receive and am glad to send you a copy if requested. So what can commonly be found in recycled copper if it is not purified properly? Lead, Mercury and Arsenic.

Finally, my name, Rachiele, is on every sinks. If your name was on a product, wouldn't you want it to be the best? We build the finest copper sinks in the world and back that statement up with the most robust warranty in the industry and a guarantee no one else can dare to match.