USA Made Copper Sinks by Rachiele

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The Finest Handcrafted Copper Sinks in the World - all made in the USA. 14 gauge cold rolled pure American Virgin Copper

Don't be fooled by misleading websites. Gauge (thickness) is only part of the story.

There is only one source in the USA where you can find cold rolled copper in sheets large enough to make copper sinks. What is so important to us that we use cold rolled copper? It is simply significantly stronger than the typical copper that is sold worldwide. It is pure copper, but it has a different molecular structure than the typical annealed copper. Annealed copper is soft because it is super heated and that changes the molecular structure of the copper - making it soft enough to hammer and bend easily by hand. Cold rolled copper has a hardness on the Brinell scale of 100. Annealed (common copper used in imported sinks) has a hardness on the Brinell scale of 42. The strength of the copper we use is why we can offer a lifetime transferable warranty - and have done so since 1999. We have never had a sink fail in all of that time. My name is on every copper sink that leaves our shop and I have always intended to make the very best copper sink possible.

This is what should concern you with many of the copper sink companies online: (what are they hiding?)

  • Small online photos
  • Dimensions vary plus or minus 1/2"
  • Copper companies that sell nickel plated sinks (they will never last more than a few years).
  • Hard to find warranty and use and care information
  • Short warranty on a product without working parts
  • Testimonials that have been recently put online
  • When you finally find the use and care, they tell you to dry your sink after every use!
  • Most online companies do their best to give the impression that their sinks are made in the USA. I will tell you that over 99% of what you see online is imported from either Mexico, India, Turkey or China. Even some of the U.S. companies purchase their copper overseas.

Our quality hand craftsmanship and materials are far superior to all of copper sinks on the market. We assume you are looking for a quality investment, therefore we spare no expense in offering the finest copper sinks in the world. Our lifetime transferable warranty and guarantee that you will be thrilled with the quality or your money back plus $100 in consideration of your inconvenience should indicate my sincerity in providing the finest copper sink in the world. I want you to be thrilled!

Rachiele sinks are hand-crafted right here in Apopka, Florida.

  • No distributor costs
  • No factory representative
  • No retailer costs

My family name (Rachiele) is engraved on all of our sinks. If your name was on a product, wouldn't you want it to be the very best?

We sell direct to the public at half of retail prices. All copper and labor is American (USA).

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I have to say, Waterstone is my favorite line of faucets. The designs are well thought out, the quality is second to none and they are made in the USA. They are the only company that initially passed the strict anti-lead codes passed in California and Vermont in 2010. Waterstone, for a while, was the only company that could sell in those two States until the other companies made adjustments.