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Retrofit farmhouse sink design without having to modify cabinetry - Rachiele Patent

Replacing your countertops and keeping your cabinetry? Replace your sink and keep your existing countertop? I can do both. I have a retrofit farmhouse sink design that can install in less than 30 seconds.

I designed an apron front farmhouse sink that will easily install in existing cabinetry. No need to cut up your cabinetry or have new doors made for the sink cabinet. The video to the left demonstrates an under mount installation. We can do this as a top mount too! Keep your countertop. (Check out my sexy legs in the video!) Our sink has an open channel behind a shorter apron. The open channel fits over the existing cabinetry face frame after you remove the false drawer heads. Our design has been copied by a few companies, with less than desirable results. Read below.

It can be done, only at Rachiele. I own the patent on this design. (Copper and Stainless sinks available with this design) Sadly, several companies have copied my design. I believe the Paragon sink by Native Trails is an exact duplicate of my original design. The problem I see with their product is that this type of sink requires precision and Native Trails indicates dimensions are + or - 1/2". (Really??? my head is about to explode.) Ours are exact dimensions. This is metal for Pete's sake - not bread. My sinks are custom made to your situation. When you are retrofitting there is NO room for error. In the 16 years I have been doing this, every sink has fit perfectly!

Some areas of the country use a thinner granite than what we see in this part of the country. The typical installation is a 3cm thick granite with no substrate. If you use a thinner granite (and use a substrate) you will have to install the sink on top of the substrate and add that dimension to the overall height of the apron. The leading edge of the countertop will have to be notched around the apron. I will go over these details with you. I will make sure you have a complete understanding of the design and you feel comfortable throughout the process.

See a stainless steel retrofit sink...

Our customers often send photos of their finished kitchens. We would love to see yours!