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Our copper sinks are Born in the USA!

Read about how copper is manufactured in the USA

Basically, copper ore is mined in different parts of the U.S. and the ore found is generally less than 1% copper. One of the largest mines in the world is located in Utah. The company is called Kennecott Utah Copper. Kennecott is the second largest copper producer in the U.S. and comprises about 25% of U.S. copper production. In 2010, Kennecott produced approximately 296,000 tons of copper.

The general process is as follows: Ore is ground and put in flotation tanks and the resultant precipitant is about 28% copper. This material is sent to a flash smelting smelter which refines it to about 70% copper. This material then goes into a flash converting furnace and is brought to 98% purity. Anode furnaces refine it further to 99.6% purity as the copper is cast in to plates or anodes. The refinery then brings these plates (anodes) into an acid solution with stainless steel plates on each side for 10 days. An electric current is applied which attract the copper to the stainless plates. The impurities, which can contain gold and silver, are left as residue on the bottom of the tank. The resultant copper is now 99% pure. The copper we use is generally 99.79% pure copper and the balance is pure silver. This is American copper.