Copper and Stainless Steel Multi-purpose Grids for our NexGen, Paragon™ or Signature Series Workstation Kitchen Sinks.

These wonderful kitchen sink workstation accessory grids work either on the ledge (step) or on the bottom of the sink. On the ledge or step, stage and rinse food. The drain grid allows you to work on an adjacent cutting board without crowding the cutting board. The NexGen sink design allows the grid to sit on the ledge or the bottom in the same orientation. Simply put one end toward the bottom and the other end will bypass the ledge. You can place the grid on the bottom of a Signature Series sink by turning it 90 degrees (long dimension right to left).

The most commonly ordered grid size is 12" wide and 17 1/4" long by 7/8" tall (with rubber bumpers - provided) Two other sizes are 15" wide, or 10 1/2" wide. Both grids are strong enough to hold over 75 pounds without any issue. Custom sizes are available.

By the way, nothing thaws frozen food faster than copper! Thaw and let water drain into sink. Check out the short video to the left! The grid also solves one of my pet peeves – water backing up into my colander when pouring water and pasta. Set the grid on the floor of the sink, place the colander on the grid and the problem is solved.

Lastly, place your hand-washed delicate stemware on the grid after washing and rinsing. No more towel on the counter and no more hand-drying because the towel caused the glasses to fog up and require drying!

If you see grids on our site with round holes, we have discontinued that look in favor of a more refined look as shown below. Also, we discovered the round holes hold the surface tension of the water and do not drain as well as our new style. Many of the photos on our site can be as old as 22 years old.

7/8 inch tall multi-purpose drain grids
Starting at: $260.00
Width of sink:

The most efficient way to drain your vegetables or pasta is to set your colander on the grid. No more fearing the dreaded "backwash". The multi-purpose grid is one of the three essentials for ultimate efficiency in our workstation sinks.
colander on grid inside workstation stainless sink 316L Marine/surgical grade stainless hand finished workstation sink showing a 15 inch grid and a sponge caddy.
colander on grid inside workstation stainless sink Showing the most common use of the grid - as a staging and rinsing area during food preparation. You can also dry stemware on the grid instead of on the counter sitting on a towel.
our grid is multifunctional One of the many functions of our drain grid. Dry steak knives or place your working clean handled knife in a slot while you use your clean hand for other functions.