Custom Corner kitchen sinks My trademark design is the only corner sink that makes sense!

I have been frustrated for decades that there has not been a corner kitchen sink on the market that makes any sense. I have been working for years to develop an affordable option. Our talented team did it. I know the price of this sink is not fitting in the mainstream of things, but I am subsidizing the cost to make it affordable to many of you. I hope you like what you see. Now you can have a corner sink without a ridiculous double bowl design that forces you to turn off the water when you switch bowls. You can easily fit large items for cleaning. I can build custom sizes for you too! This one fits a typical 36" corner cabinet. By the way, I can build custom corner sinks in any of our metals.

Corner Kitchen Sink
$3,600.00   $2,396.00 FREE SHIPPING (in the continental US) and only a $10 surcharge for copper!
Metal choice:
Signature Series Internal Ledges:
Poly Board:
Wood Cutting Board:
Sponge Caddy - checked ( Add $175.00 )
Add a Bowl:
Drain hole coverlet - checked ( Add $35.00 )
Solid Copper Drain or Flange:
Color Matched Caulk for Copper Sink:

Corner Sink Specifications

Special Promotion on corner sinks purchased with a Waterstone faucet! I will give you a $200 rebate if you will send high resolution photos that we can use online within 60 days of shipping the sink. You must ask for this in the comments if you order online or mention when ordering over the phone.

The first sink happens to be our Rustic Matte Stainless. Some feel it looks exactly like Zinc. I think it does. There are many benefits to this hand finished stainless.
This is a partial list of benefits...
1. Easily remove scratches with a Scotch Brite Pad
2. Feel free to scrub the sink without worry.
3. Your sink will look new years from now.
4. You have the look of Zinc without the denting and warping issues.

This is our Rustic Matte Stainless corner sink