Corner Kitchen Sink made of Marine Grade Stainless

My Trademark Design is the only Corner Sink in the Entire Industry that Makes Sense! single bowl sinks on sale nowCorner Kitchen Single Bowl Custom Sinks

Am I right here? The double bowl corner sinks on the market are ridiculously sadly designed! Unfortunately, the industry has not made any improvements on the design. I have been working for years to develop an affordable option. Our talented team did it. I know the price of this sink is not fitting in the mainstream of things, but it sure beats working in a double bowl sink! Now you can have a corner kitchen sink without a ridiculous double bowl design that forces you to turn off the water when you switch bowls. You can easily fit large items for cleaning. I can also build custom sizes for you too! The specifications found further down the page will be our standard built unless you request a custom size. I designed the standard dimensions to fit the typical 36" by 36" corner cabinet. The sink will fit 90 degree corner cabinets or diagonal corner cabinets. Simply spin the sink around. The drain in this sink is centered. These sinks are very time consuming to manufacture. They are made of 8 or more pieces and have to be fitted and welded together - then finished. These sinks take two to three times as long as an apron front sink to build and finish.

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large custom corner sink
corner single bowl stainless sink Try and fit a baking pan in any other corner sink!
Single Bowl Under Mount Corner Stainless Kitchen Sink (built to specifications below)
$3,800.00   Huge Sale: $1,999.00 SALE PRICE (Was $2490)
Metal choice:
1/8 inch radius corners - checked ( Add $750.00 )
Add a Corner Apron Front:
Custom size increase each leg:
Drop In Option - Top Mount:
Signature Series Workstation:
Poly Board:
Perforated grid:
Wood Cutting Board:
Sponge Caddy:
Add a Bowl:
Grey Plumbers Putty - checked ( Add $12.00 )
Drain hole coverlet - checked ( Add $35.00 )
Shipping (Special rate to Hawaii):