Corner Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks that make Sense!

I have been frustrated for decades that there has not been a corner kitchen sink on the market that makes any sense. I have been working for years to develop an affordable option. I finally did it! I know the price of this sink is not fitting in the mainstream of things, but I am subsidizing the cost to make it affordable to many of you. I hope you like what you see. Pricing copper sinks

Dino, We finally finished the kitchen and wanted to send you some pics for the website. We absolutely love the Rachiele sinks, as you can imagine! Kevin and Christie


Now, you can have a corner sink without a ridiculous double bowl design that forces you to turn off the water when you switch bowls. You can easily fit large items for cleaning. I can build custom sizes for you too! This one fits a typical 36" corner cabinet. (We are building the first Signature Series Rustic Matte Stainless Steel sink right now - ask about it!)

corner sink specifications

"Hi Dino, Just wanted to send you a thank you for my beautiful sink! For years I had been trying to find a decent stainless steel corner sink. I had finally resorted to having a custom concrete sink made, but after a few years it got dirty and did not hold up. So a good friend of ours welded the counter top on and viola! I love it!" Linda D

waterstone contemporary faucets
I highly suggest considering a Waterstone Extended Reach faucet (5300) with this sink. Your back with thank you!

Take a look at Tony Davis welding up our first Millennia Signature Series workstation corner sink. We have been told over and over, by many professionals in our industry, that they have never seen welding as good as Tony's. To the center, see a replacement top mount rustic matte stainless workstation corner sink. On the right, you will see one of our corner sinks reversed for a diagonal cabinet installation.