Easily the finest copper hoods on the market -   Rachiele Custom Hoods I hope you will consider joining our family of custom sink owners. I look forward to working with you.

Custom Copper Hoods and Hood Bands

All hoods are quoted individually based on size, shape, and metal choice. Our small hoods start at approximately $12,000 (for a small simple hood) excluding the blower and housing assembly. Our more ornate and larger hoods could be over $40,000. The quality of our hoods is incomparable. We can arrange for recommending a local source for the blower mechanism or you can ship one to us for fitting and installation. I can assure you there is no other hood company that can match our attention to detail and workmanship quality. I can say this because countless people in my industry have exclaimed that they have never seen quality metal work like we produce. Our metal workers are considered some of the finest in the country and I have been told by people in the know, that they are easily the best in Florida. These are hand made and hand finished using extremely hard 14 gauge American copper. We use 16 gauge type 316 Marine/Medical Grade stainless for our stainless steel hoods. You will have to choose a style and give very detailed dimensions in order for me to price your hood. The copper hood bands that you will see on this page range in price from about $500 to about $1200 (depending on patina and size). If our hoods are out of your budget range, I have a wonderful alternate source to recommend. Long lead times on hoods, plan ahead! Please call or email for information. 407-880-6903

  • decorative copper hood band
  • decorative copper hood band on ornate hood
  • ornate kitchen with copper hood and countertop
  • copper hood inserts
  • rustic patina on copper hood band
  • copper door panels below copper farmhouse sink
  • custom stainless hood hammered straps
  • copper custom hood with flared sides
  • bottom view of a copper hood
  • copper hood finishing
  • copper wrap around hood
  • copper hood with bands and rivits
  • copper hood finished at factory
  • copper hood with straps and buttons
  • worker handcrafting a copper hood
  • ornate copper hood in factory
  • ornate custom copper hood in kitchen
  • custom two toned stainless hood
  • custom copper hood with flaired ends
  • custom rounded hood for kitchen
  • custom rounded copper hood made in the USA
  • close up photo of a custom copper hood
  • nice copper hood