Custom Retrofit Sinks to Replace Existing or Discontinued Sinks. Replace Kohler, American Standard, Franke, Blanco and other discontinued sinks. (Retrofit)

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BEFORE YOU SAY NO TO A DROP IN SINK... (I know you already said no, but give me a minute please.)

My drop in WORKSTATION sinks solve the problem of having to wipe into the sink. No need! Everything is done on the sink. No more messy countertops. Plus.. they look awesome, right? Also, an undermount exposes granite around the sink to potential chipping. A top mount sink protects your granite investment. It is all GOOD! Many of our clients choose a drop in sink, even in new construction for that reason. We are going to do that in our new home as well.

Your drop in copper sink will be custom designed to replace a discontinued under mount or outdated drop in sink. The industry standard for many sinks is 33" by 22". That being said, all of my copper drop in sinks are custom made and can be made to virtually any size.The pricing options below are to allow you to get a feel for what your investment might be. Since every sink is custom designed, please call in and work with me to design a custom fitted sink to suit your specific needs. We will discuss things like your height, handedness, food preparation style and many other details. Once all of that information is gathered, we can build a sink together that will be efficient and comfortable to use.


Once that is done, we can process your order and we will sent you a written breakdown of all charges. I will then likely ask you to send me a photo of your existing situation. Lastly, I will draw up your sink with all appropriate dimensions for your review prior to putting your order in the shop for manufacturing. It is very common to require that the existing cutout be altered slightly. Most cuts in the countertop will have radius corners. These will have to be squared up. This is an easy and inexpensive process. Simply call a granite fabricator and make those arrangements. Most of our customers tell us that the cost ranges between $150 and $300. The process of removing the existing sink, cutting and preparing the opening, and installing the new sink and faucet can be accomplished in one day.

Has your sink been discontinued and you want to replace it? We do that every week. There are several options for replacing a discontinued sinks. This option is generally the most cost effective. Call me to discuss. I have replaced Kohler, Blanco, Elkay, American Standard, Franke, Concrete sinks and more.

Since this sink is custom made, pick the size you need, or the closest size larger than the size you need. If you need some customization, there is generally no charge for most customizations in size- such as a larger or smaller flange size. You can order online and I will contact you shortly to go over your order. You have the option of asking us not to charge your card until we contact you.

CustomTop mount,
Drop-in Replacement Copper Sink
Type of flange:
18 inch width - to fit half sheet pans ( Add $100.00 )
Workstation options:
Essentials Pack - checked ( Add $645.00 )
Hand Hammering - interior of bowl ( Add $275.00 )
Color matched caulk - checked ( Add $18.00 )
Solid Copper Drain or Flange:
Crating and Shipping:

The easy solution for replacing a discontinued kitchen sinks.

By the way, I can likely help find a qualified company to cut your countertop. I will provide that information by phone. 407-880-6903

What is NexGen and what are the differences between our Signature Series and the NexGen™ and Paragon™ designs? See videos below.

NEW DESIGN FEATURE FOR 2018 NexGen is the next generation in workstation sinks. Up until now, workstation sinks had a "step" that held up the accessories. My new innovative design removes the step and the sink width remains the same at the bottom as the top. This innovation gives the user an extra inch of front to back space in the sink with this option. My innovative design give you 34 more square inches of space in a 36" sink!
Below, select the general sink size you need and begin building your custom sink. Please call to order your sink. I will walk you through the process, explain different designs and options so you can make an informed decision. I will ask questions about your height, handedness and food preparation style as well as other pertinent information. We will decide together which accessories might be most helpful and which ones might be ordered later, after you use your sink for a while. My goal is to provide a custom sink that will be as efficient as possible for your particular lifestyle and as ergonomically comfortable as well - doing my best to ensure your investment is a wise one. Schedule a personal phone discussion to design your sink here. (Use the tool below to estimate your investment)