How to Shop for a Copper Sink

Our copper is made in the usa
    1. look for one that is made in the USA (if they hide where their sinks are made, run!)
    2. look for 14 gauge cold rolled copper - cold rolled is the key to strength
    3. look for rear corner drains
    4. look for a company with a long history of of independent testimonials and plenty of installed photos (not just a select few).
    5. look for a lifetime transferable warranty
    6. look for the Use and Care section on each site. My sink require little or no maintenance

Why will your hand-made in the USA copper crafted sink be less expensive than the imports in the long run? You won't ever have to replace it! Your hand-crafted kitchen, bar or bath sink will be made with a superior grade and type of Domestic Copper and handcrafted by our highly skilled metal workers. Cold Rolled Copper is 8 times harder than annealed recycled copper - like the imports use. Sadly, I have replaced dozens of imported copper sinks that have failed. Some had leaked, some had finish issues, some did not drain properly.

I offer a lifetime "Transferable" warranty on your hand-crafted sink whether it is copper, brass or stainless.
Your Rachiele™ copper kitchen sink does not need to be dried after each use. Your Rachiele™ kitchen sink is designed to drain properly. It will be exactly the size you order (our tolerance is 1/16") as compared to plus or minus 1/2" as all of the imports indicate. Your new sink will have a self healing patina unlike the unnatural finishes used on virtually all imports. No waxing needed. Extremely low maintenance - treat your Rachiele™ copper sink like a sink, not like a piece of furniture. I am not kidding here... all imports require drying after EVERY use. Wash your hands, dry the sink!
For the most part, 95% of all copper sinks you will see are imports, and are sold through companies with no ownership in the manufacturing process. You are buying from a "middleman". Their quality control is long distance.
Take a look at the second video. I dare say there is no other company that can produce a patina like this. I own my copper, brass and stainless steel sink factory and it is 3 miles from my home. We manufacture under my daily supervision using very sophisticated equipment and extremely talented metal workers. Nothing leaves here without passing my strict quality standards. No middleman here! And, by the way, when was the last time you heard of a national company with an advertising budget of $50 a month? That is our budget. We have not needed to advertise since 2008. The bulk of our business is referral and repeat business.

My kitchen sink designs, with a rear corner drain and an ergonomically correct 8" deep bowl, offer the ability to have a FULL SIZE double trash inside your sink base. (Below left photo)

Save space, save money, be comfortable, fully enjoy your kitchen for the first time! Check out our corner sinks. Single bowl corner sinks make sense!

Sadly, cracked granite around a kitchen sink has become an epidemic. I have a patented one day fix.

It is a sad testimonial that the copper sink business is reminiscent of the 1960's used car business. There is so much false or intentionally omitted information out there that it makes my head spin. Many companies intentionally do not tell you where their sinks are made and do everything possible to give the "illusion" their sinks are made in the USA. The first thing you should do is call and make sure the sink is really made in the USA. Also, ask where the copper comes from. One such company claims their copper sinks are made of 14 gauge cold rolled copper. Our customer was given the impression their sinks were made in the USA. It turns out all of their sinks are made in China! Another company claims to be made in the USA but after some investigating you will find their copper is imported. Trust your instincts. As they say... Trust, then Verify. Make sure the information is in writing either on the website - next to the sink you select or indicated on every page of the site. Another USA manufacturer mixes locally made and imported sinks on their website - very confusing. Yet another site has such microscopically small photos that you cannot see the defects in the construction. My contention is this: If you are not proud of what you sell, why the heck do you sell it? This is the ultimate misdirection found on a website: "All of our copper is domestic grade, meaning it comes directly from a supplier here in the United States of America." I am willing to bet that the copper comes from outside the US. If you see that comment, ask where the copper is actually made. Get written proof. If the sink retailers are proud of what they sell, proudly say the sink is made in Mexico, China, India, Turkey or wherever! Most importantly, ask for references that have had their copper sinks installed for over a year. Talk to them on the phone! This is another way to see how long a company has been around and whether or not they hide their registration information. Type their domain name ( at If you insert our domain, you will see we have been Online since 10-25-1998, I believe we were the first copper and stainless sink company Online - by several years. You may see as registered on 11-20-1999. I purchased that domain on that date. I sold it to the current owner on 5-4-2012 for quite a high dollar.

This is my site wide statement. Every copper and stainless sink we offer on our site is made in Apopka, FL using domestic virgin domestic copper and domestic stainless steel.

I can guarantee this... If you have heard that copper sinks are a pain in the neck to care for, they were not talking about mine! Your Rachiele™ sink will require little or no maintenance, no drying after each use (like the imports require) no waxing and no worries about acidic foods, abrasives or denting. My sinks are designed to be heavily used. In contrast, listen to the quality disclaimer of virtually all imported copper sinks. When you order an import, your sink could vary significantly from the size you order! "They" tell you the reason is because they are hand made. (This is metal not bread) Really? Since when does hand made mean poor quality? My copper sinks sinks are hand made; and when you order a 36" sink it measures 36", not 35 1/2" or 36 1/2". We are not baking bread folks, this is metal and it doesn't rise or shrink. When you invest in a Rachiele™ sink, you are investing in a worry free sink made in the USA. Use your Rachiele™ sink like a sink! You don't have to wax it like a car. Read why

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What makes a Rachiele™ Custom Crafted Kitchen sink so different from all others? Watch the videos below.