Custom copper sinks with drainboards by Dino Rachiele hope you will consider joining our family of custom sink owners. I look forward to working with you.

Looking for a farmhouse sink with drainboard? We offer Custom Copper sinks with drain boards in many variations.

Copper sinks with drain boards are a bit pricey. Depending on the size, you can roughly figure an additional $800 or so for each drainboard side. I can build these in stainless as well. The stainless option will be significantly more than the copper due to the fact that stainless is much more difficult to work with.
In my humble opinion my NexGen or Signature Series sink, that offers interior ledges to hold cutting boards and a grid, might be a better option for some of you.

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These sinks are custom made. Generally, the bowl is about 28" long and the drain board is about 18" long. That being said, your wish is our command!

Please do your homework. My drainboard copper sinks are guaranteed to drain properly. I highly doubt some of the ones I have seen online will drain properly. A telltale sign would be to check the use and care section of the website. If they indicate you should dry or wax your copper sink - run the other way. Wax is for cars not sinks!