The Dream Team that Makes your Copper and Stainless Sinks



First off, I would like to say that I am humbled to have this team working along side me. I call them the Dream Team because they all have qualities that are far beyond the norm. Let me introduce our Dream Team.

Let's start with Ray Uvalle. Ray is our Shop Foreman. Ray's nickname is McGuyver. He regularly is able to do things that most claim cannot be done. Ray heads up the factory and is skilled at welding, finishing, fabricating and is considered by the local Union to have the most welding certifications in the Union. He is a perfectionist and his eyes are the last ones that inspect every product that leaves our factory. Ray believes there is nothing short of perfection that is acceptable. Ray has worked on projects that require skill levels that only a select few can accomplish. Ray will likely be the one that does the final finishing on your sink. We are honored to have Ray as our team leader.

On a personal note, Ray has friends galore. It seems everywhere we go, there is someone that knows Ray and speaks very highly of him and his skills. Ray is an old fashioned family man. His son has worked with Ray for many years building my sinks. This is one amazing family of friends and co-workers. Ray is very thoughtful, kind and in my opinion has a brilliant mind. It is an honor to have Ray on our team.

Rey Uvalle is our Lead Man. He is Ray's son and is skilled at welding, metal fabricating, finishing and C.A.D. design. His attention to detail mirrors his fathers. Rey will likely be the one that lays out your sink, cuts it on our Turret Punch Machine and bends it to shape on our press brakes. He is also the one that does all of the hand hammering. It is rare to have someone with this skill level at his young age.

Domaneeq (Nick) Guerrero has a great attention to detail. One of his responsibilities is to check every sink for proper drainage and for potential leaks. He also does most of the finishing on copper sinks, accessories and helps out on fabrication.

Normon Morton is our TIG welder, and does some fabrication and finishing. Norman has a great attitude and is eager to provide excellent work.

Last but not least, Lori Sabina should be mentioned here as well. Lori is easily one of the most skilled pateneur's in the country. Her years of providing difficult patina work for our customers is her passion. Beyond the patina work, Lori is one of the most amazing parents I have ever met. She has several children and cares for them with so much love and attention. It is truly an honor to have Lori provide the patina work on our copper sinks. Lori also does other work and crafts as well as our patina work. She is truly a busy lady!

Starting June 2016, everyone that works on your sink will sign their names on the outside of your sink. You will be able to know who worked on your sink and will have the ability to thank them if you so desire. You may email them here. I will make sure they see your emails.