Custom Marine/Medical Grade Stainless Replacement Kitchen Sinks Drop In or Top Mount (retrofit)

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Whether your existing sink is a top mount or an under mount, we have the option to give you a superior design. You will be working directly with me to insure your sink is customized to your height, handedness and many other factors. Each sink is unique to the user(s). We do not stock or mass produce sinks. If you have an old fashioned Kohler or virtually any discontinued sink, we can replace it with a significantly more functional sink - making your countertops used for setting down groceries and other minor tasks. All the food prep is done on the sink!

We are offering Marine Grade Stainless as standard on all stainless sinks. Read about the benefits>>> This grade of stainless is far more corrosion resistant and durable. Only the finest!

  • If you have an existing discontinued under mount sink all you have to is have a granite fabricator come out and square up the opening and we can make a replacement custom top mount sink. Before you say "I don't want a top mount sink", consider why you don't want one. Most people, including myself, have two reasons. First, they are usually ugly and old fashioned looking. Secondly, they are difficult to wipe off the countertops into them. Well, we have solved both of those issues. If you select a Signature Series or NexGen sink design, you will never have to wipe anything into the sink again. All of the food preparation is done on he sink! As far as looks, we have a gorgeous Architectural contemporary edge profile on our sinks that look anything but "dated".
  • If you have an existing discontinued top mount (drop in) sink, things get a bit easier. Generally, all that needs to be done is to have a granite fabricator square up the two front radii in the cut out. That process is quick and very inexpensive.
  • Replacing an existing discontinued under mount stainless sink with a custom duplicate stainless sink is virtually impossible. The sink you likely have was formed in a mold. A custom sink has to be made in pieces and the parts are welded together. Stainless warps like crazy when welded as much as is required for a sink like this. We can actually do this in copper, but the cost is nearly $5,000 due to the tremendous amount of welding and labor required. A custom top mount sink is truly the best option out there for replacing discontinued kitchen sinks without replacing the counter top.

    Has your sink been discontinued and you want to replace it?

     We do that every week. I have replaced Kohler, Blanco, Elkay, American Standard, Franke, Concrete sinks and more. Take a look at the before and after photos of a granite top that had a top mount triple bowl sink in it. All that was required was squaring up the front corners in the granite.
    Below, select the general sink size you need and begin building your custom sink. Since these sinks are custom, there is generally no extra charge to increase the front to back dimension.

    Go ahead and price your sink below. Feel free to call me to assist you in designing your sink and you can order by phone. Call me at 407-880-6903

    custom drop-in stainless custom sink with flat flanges and rear deck for faucet This is an example of our drop-in sink with flat flanges. It truly is sleek and stunning!

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    The vast majority of our sinks are workstation sinks. You must select either Signature Series or NexGen in order to have optional accessories.

    Build your Custom Drop In (single basin) Stainless Steel Sink flash sale on drop in replacement stainless steel sinks
    $4,400.00   Factory Direct price: $2,373.00 FREE SHIPPING IN THE CONT. U.S. UP TO 36"
    Top Mount Options:
    Material Choice:
    Sink Length:
    Faucet holes:
    Signature Step Option - 1/2 inch step front and back ( Add $200.00 )
    NexGen Ledge Option - 1/2 inch ledge front and back ( Add $495.00 )
    Integral Backsplash includes additional shipping:
    Hand Hammer Bowl - Hammering ( Add $425.00 )
    Sponge Caddy:
    Poly Cutting Board:
    Wood Cutting Board:
    Stainless Grid:
    Add a Bowl:
    Strainer for Add a Bowl:
    Grey Plumbers Putty - a great choice ( Add $12.00 )
    Crating and Shipping:

    All that is required is that you have someone come and square up the corners in your granite. That process is easy and inexpensive.

    Countertop preparation

    Tripble bowl stainless sinkTop mount replacement sink for discontinued sink This is an example of an old fashioned triple bowl sink that we replaced with a hammered brushed stainless steel SIgnature Series Sink.
    granite cut made for retrofit sink Rustic Matte Stainless Top Mount Sinkhammered stainless top mount replacement sink

    The top sink is a Rustic Matte Signature Series top mount stainless steel sink.


    The bottom sink is a hammered brushed stainless Signature Series top mount sink.

    We replace under mount and top mount sinks with our Custom Workstation sinks almost every week. Having a top mount Signature Series or NexGen sink means you will never have to wipe anything into the sink again. All of the work is done on the sink. Your countertops will only need to be dusted! This is a before and after photo showing how beautiful a Rustic Matte Hand Hammered NexGen Stainless drop in sink replaces an outdated triple bowl Kohler sink.