The inventor of the Workstation Kitchen Sink; Paragon™ Dual Tier, Tri-level Sink.

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My original dual tier sink is protected by 3 U.S. patents. D700,300, D700,301 and D702,334. Paragon™ is the ultimate evolved dual tier sink. There are no similar designs on the market and this design is a copywrited and proprietary design.
As a professional accredited kitchen designer I studied ergonomics for years. I designed this sink to be ergonomically correct. It is not a copy of another design, it is "the" original design where every detail was considered, tested and perfected. I have read many justified complaints about workstation sinks on the market. Some are too deep, some have too many gadgets, some are poor quality and the list goes on.
Every single sink that leaves our small factory has been designed with the owner/founder of the company with two goals. 1. The sink should be as efficient "for the users of the sink" as possible. 2. The sink should be as ergonomically comfortable "for the users of the sink". For these reasons, it is impossible to stock sinks. The dymanics and requirements for every family is different. It is not possible to have an efficient "off the shelf" sink. For those who wonder how a custom sink can make such a difference, simply read through the hundreds of 5 star reviews on Google and Houzz. Our customer write novels when they write testimonials. We are truly grateful for the time they take to express their pleasure with our sink designs and quality.