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The True and Only Double Tier Workstation Kitchen Sink

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- protected by 3 U.S. patents.

316 food grade stainless custom sinks
All of the Handcrafted Custom Stainless Sinks are made of 316 Marine/Medical/Food Grade Stainless.
As a professional accredited kitchen designer I studied ergonomics for years. I designed this sink to be ergonomically correct. It is not a copy of another design, it is an original design where every detail was considered, tested and perfected.
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Way back when I went to kitchen design school, the cardinal rule was to make sure there was plenty of counter space on either side of the sink for food preparation. That old notion is now OBSOLETE! My Evolution workstation sinks take the place of counter space. All food prep is now done on the sink instead of adjacent to the sink. No more messy counter tops! Don't invest in old technology. Invest in the Future with Rachiele. Leading the Industry since 1999. While you are working with your mortgage calculator, make sure you leave room for one of these sinks!

(Available as top mount, under mount and apron. Copper and Stainless) Three patents have been granted and there are more pending. The Rachiele "Evolution Workstation Sink" is now available on a limited basis. If you love to cook (like I do) you will love this sink!

Don't be fooled by other sinks offering similar designs. My Evolution Workstation Sink design is the only sink on the market with two interior ledges. I have several patents on the design.

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When you order an Evolution Workstation sink, the entire package is priced as a complete unit. It will include the following items:
1 Copper or Stainless Evolution Sink with two tiers and right or left drain location based on your handedness
1 Universal Copper or Stainless grid
1 Universal American Black Walnut or American Cherry Cutting Board (Handcrafted for us by the Amish)
1 Universal White Butcher Board with Hole for Colander or Mixing Bowl
1 Universal White Butcher Board with 6 Holes for Serving Trays
6 Polycarbonate Serving Trays, (3) 2” deep (3) 4” deep
6 Polycarbonate Lids
1 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl
1 Stainless Steel Colander
1 Universal White Butcher Cutting Board
1 Sponge Caddy
1 Drain Hole Coverlet

Shipping price includes:
1 Custom Made Wooden Plywood Box for shipping
Packing materials
ShockWatch Monitor on box to indicate rough handling. To the left, see a comparison of my original Signature Series Design with the Galley Sink and others. My Evolution sink is the ONLY sink with two internal steps. If you see another sink with two internal steps, they are likely violating my patents and will be dealt with.

If you would feel more comfortable ordering by phone, call me at 407-880-6903 (If the live Chat is online, I am likely at my desk)
Build your Custom Evolution Dual Tier Sink (48" price)
$6,866.83   $3,906.71 We will get a quote for LTL shipping to your location. It may be lower that what we show below.
Size and Type:
Patina Choice on Apron:
Metal Option:
Drain or Flange Assembly:
Serve your guests on your sink!

Evolution Sink