The Original and True Double Tier Workstation Custom Kitchen Sink and now;
introducing Paragon™

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- protected by 3 U.S. patents. D700,300, D700,301 and D702,334
316 food grade stainless custom sinks
All of the Handfinished Custom Stainless Sinks are made of 316 Marine/Medical/Food Grade Domestic Stainless.
As a professional accredited kitchen designer I studied ergonomics for years. I designed this sink to be ergonomically correct. It is not a copy of another design, it is "the" original design where every detail was considered, tested and perfected. I have read many justified complaints about workstation sinks, that are somewhat similar, that are 10" deep and too deep for comfort. A 10" deep sink is generally uncomfortable if you are doing any work at the bottom of the sink. Every Evolution or Paragon™ dual tier custom sink is designed based on the user height, handedness, food prep style, shopping style, entertainment style and other factors. I have never built one that is 10" deep. These are not mass produced sinks sitting on a shelf waiting to be sold. Each one is custom made with you and for you.