Your EWS Max Flow Replacement Water Filter

EWS Water Filters are designed to be replaced each year, or more often if you notice a water flow decrease. If you purchased a sink from us, we will automatically add an additional discount to the price you see online (after the fact). We will send you a paid invoice showing the lower amount. Your card is never charged automatically online. 

Essential Max Flow SS 2.5 Replacement Filter

For the first time ever... I suggest this is a "must" for every kitchen. Can be used with city or well water.
An in-line water filter that you can use with your existing kitchen water faucet!!! EWS SS-2.5 Essential Max Flow has a water flow of 2.5 gallons per minute and a 10,000 gallon filter lifetime. There is NO other product on the market with these specifications AND at the low price of $379. Think of 10,000 gallons a year. That would be 27 gallons of cold water use at your kitchen faucet every day for one full year! This filter hooks up to your MAIN kitchen faucet cold side only. This filter eliminates the secondary filter faucet that generally costs about as much as this filtration system. This filter takes up very little room in the sink cabinet and is made by Environmental Water Systems of Las Vegas, NV. Made in the USA quality all the way! Now you can fill large pots for cooking quickly, instead of waiting for a slower filter faucet. Cook with filtered water for better health. Rinse your vegetables with filtered water. See installation video below.

EWS SS-2.5 Essential Max Flow Under sink water filtration for main water faucet

Thank you from everyone at Rachiele Custom Sinks