How to fix a cracked granite counter in front of a sink without replacing the entire granite top!

The very first thing to do is to call me, Dino Rachiele, and I will walk you through the process along with sending you a 4 page PDF that illustrates what will be required along with a page showing which dimensions I will need. (407-880-6903) Once you return the dimensions, we can build the sink together over the phone. These are very custom designs and every single sink of this type is different. My 20 previous years as a professional kitchen designer (who also installed a few complicated kitchens), gives me the insight to design this complicated sink insuring ease of installation. This has been tried by other companies with unreliable results due to the lack of kitchen design background.

The below photos will walk you through one type of installation. This one is a bit less common than most. The client wanted the sink to go all the way back to the backsplash. There was a window sill protruding quite far into the room. My patented design where there is a channel behind the apron, allowing the sink to slip over the frame of the cabinet, would not work in this instance. That design requires the sink to slide down from the top and the back deck of the sink would have hit the window sill. Our client had no issue cutting the cabinetry to allow the sink to be slid into place. Normally, the sink would drop straight down and no cutting would be needed on the cabinet.

Please click on the images below, left to right, to see the process in detail. Many thanks to our wonderful clients, Linda and Larry Lake for the photos. By the way, we can do these sinks in Brass or Stainless!

Kitchen with cracked granite and missing granite in front of sink This countertop was in very bad shape. Our client had two options.
1. Replace all of the granite and backsplash tile. 2. Invest in a Rachiele™ Custom Sink and keep the tile and granite. They chose wisely!

photo shop image showing what new sink would look like in kitchen I did a Photoshop mock up of what their sink might look like because they had a tough time envisioning what the new sink would look like.
copper sink in production at Rachiele&trade: factory Once my design was finished and our customer approved the drawing, we began building the custom sink. Here it is in the final stages of production.
removal of existing sink In the process of removing the existing sink. This was all accomplished by the granite fabricators.
laying out cut lines for new retrofit farm sink Laying out the lines to cut the stone. This is done by placing the sink upside down on the counter and tracing the outline. Cuts are made about 3/4" inside the lines.
measuring for retrofit farm sink Carefully Measuring. Measure twice, cut once!
Cutting the granite for the retrofit farm sink Cutting the granite to fit the retrofit farmhouse custom sink.
cutting cabinetry for retrofit farmhouse sink installation Cutting the cabinetry for the slide in retrofit farmhouse sink. This is a very rare type of installation process. Generally, the cabinet is not cut at all.
installing a retrofit farm sink Trial install of the retrofit sink.
preparing the cabinet for a retrofit farm sink Front edge of granite cut to fit the apron portion of the sink.
installing retrofit farmhouse custom sink Installing the sink, using our color matched caulk.
finished installation of retrofit farm sink The finished copper retrofit copper farm sink!
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