Copper Sink Pros and Cons - a must read

How well do copper sinks hold up over time? Well, it depends on who made the copper sink!

Compare Copper Sinks: The differences are staggering. I know it is confusing trying to understand why some copper sinks are half the price of others. Do you want to dry your copper sink after each use? (No need with ours) Do you want to wax your copper sink regularly? (Never wax our sink) Do you want to find out your copper sink does not drain properly after it is permanently installed in your kitchen? (Ours are guaranteed to drain properly) Do you want to find that blemishes inside your sink are permanent? (Can not happen with ours) Do you want to find out, after the fact, that Clorox can permanently damage your sink? (Clorox will not harm our sink) Do you want to find out after a year that you have no warranty on your sink? (Our warranty is for life)
These are just some of the risks you take when you buy a copper sink based on price without doing research.