Rachiele®Custom Sinks Copper, Marine Grade Stainless and Brass

The only "Entirely custom" sink manufacturer in the world.

My career and passion for over 20 years. Copper, Brass and Stainless Sinks- designed with you and for you. I work directly with the end user - no middleman. Handcrafted in Florida, Shipped Worldwide.

Waterstone Authorized Dealer
NOTE: All of our sinks are custom designed with a focus on ergonomics and efficiency. Online pricing allows you to get an investment and time estimate. It is best to order by phone so I can ask appropriate questions in order to design the perfect sink for your family.
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    We are open and are producing custom sinks through this national crisis. I am available for phone calls 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. 407-880-6903

    Hello, this is Dino Rachiele, owner and founder of Rachiele® Custom Sinks, my family owned business since 1999. Why are we considered the authority on workstation kitchen sinks? The answer is simple, I invented them!

    Designing custom sinks that are efficient, time-saving, fun and comfortable is my passion for being in business. I love what I do and take a great deal of enjoyment knowing that I have significantly and positively impacted the daily lives of over 11,000 families; offering not only lovely sinks, but sinks that save time - for some, as much as 2 full weeks a year! In order for me to design your sink, I must get to know you a bit and I ask many questions that impact location of drain, depth of bowl, height of ledge system and more. My goal is to save my clients as many as 100 hours a year and make kitchen tasks not only easy, comfortable and efficient, but enjoyable. These are a few quotes from emails I have received: "I don't know what you did to my husband, but you have him doing the dishes now." -Michelle R. "To say I love my sink would be an understatement!! First day cooking in my new kitchen and oh my goodness! I didn't even have to clean my marble countertops thanks to the sink." -Jennifer Frey "Dino's design is brilliant. His sink has saved me countless hours in food preparation and in the lack of having to constantly clean my counters" -Jerri B. From my favorite phone call: "I spent over $100,000 remodeling my kitchen so I could have more counter-space and because of your damn sink... I don't even use the counters!" (She then laughed). She went on to say that she felt my comment about not needing very much counter-space was a "sales pitch". Well, she found out my assertion was quite true. Based on almost daily positive email feedback from past clients, I believe that I have been successful in this endeavor. This joy is what makes it easy to come in the office 7 days a week.
    My custom sinks are made to fit you, not the masses. So why would you need a custom design? Comfort and Efficiency! Not everyone is 5'6" tall. Not everyone is right handed. Not everyone prepares meals the same way. A sink designed for vegans will be different than one designed for meat eaters. I will work with you to help determine the most efficient and comfortable sink possible. If you are investing in a custom kitchen, why purchase a mass produced stock sink?
    My philosophy as taught by my father: "Do it right the first time, do it with the best materials and labor force and offer unparalleled customer service at a fair price. Those ideals will build an enviable reputation." He tells me: "Those who sell similar products for less, are offering less. Don't worry about them. Their reputation will eventually expose the reason for the lower prices." "Pay and compliment your employees well, so they feel valued and they will do their best work." "Do your best to educate your customer so they are well informed and they will make a good decision and if the solution is not your product, assist them in finding the best alternative option." I am grateful to the wisdom of my, now 98 year old, father. For these reasons and many more, we were able to virtually stop advertising 12 years ago (significantly cutting overhead). We rely on referrals and repeat business for 80% of our new sales and we are always extremely busy. My father was right. We are in an enviable position. There are few, if any, national successful companies with an advertising budget of less than $50 a month. These savings are passed directly on to you.

    NEW Rachele® NexGen™ Copyright and Trademark Design (may not be copied in any way) designed in January of 2018

    NexGen™ - Arguably the Most Advanced Custom Kitchen Sink Design in the World!

    Would you go out and buy a first generation cell phone today? Why consider a sink designed for the 20th century when you can invest in a sink designed for the future? My small family owned business has been doing sink design research for over 20 years. I have built countless prototypes, and have earned 10 patents on my designs. The culmination of my research is what I believe to be the Ultimate Sink - NexGen
    Available in Copper, Stainless, and Brass.

    New for early 2019 - Unlacquered Brass Kitchen Sinks. We believe this is the first 14 gauge Solid American Cold Rolled Brass Workstation Farm Sink ever made! The skill level required to build a brass sink of this quality is extremely rare. Our team has that ability! See our Unlacquered Custom Brass Sinks

    I dare say the workmanship you see on our brass sinks is second to none. We invite you to visit and inspect the high quality welding and finishing we offer. We will be offering similar Rustic Patinas to the copper Rustics you see. This sink is in a raw state. All Brass offerings will have a the option for a weathered patina option in the bowl and will offer a bright unlacquered brass option as well. The apron can be bright natural unlacquered brass or a weathered apron or Rustic Apron.

    Rachiele® Leading the Industry since 1999. You will work directly with me (Dino Rachiele) throughout your entire project. You and I design your sink together to be fitted to the height, handedness and lifestyle of the user(s). This is a process that I truly enjoy and am passionate about. My sink designs are a collaborative effort between you and me.

    As a former professional kitchen designer and remodeling contractor, I remodeled thousands of kitchens going back as far as 1977 and have valuable experience that presents itself daily. (one of many accreditations to the left). Potential design and installation problems are foreseen and avoided. In my opinion, if you are going to sell custom designed sinks, you should have a thorough knowledge of the cabinet business, the counter-top business and the plumbing business. I have installed kitchens, counter-tops and sinks as a professional. I have saved countless clients from making huge and costly mistakes as well as offered valuable kitchen and bath design enhancement suggestions that have been used with a great deal of gratitude from my clients.

    rachiele custom kitchen sink testimonial
    Why don't we sell through dealers? The answer is simple. I need to speak to you to design a sink that fits your lifestyle, cooking style, handedness, height, shopping style, types of food you prepare and much more. My sinks are not cookie cutter sinks. That is why we do not stock sinks. Each sink is designed specifically for you!

    While others merely sell sinks, we improve lifestyles! My Innovative Workstation Designs translate to measurable time savings and enjoyment.
    Your life is about to become easier...hundreds of testimonials attest to the life changing benefits of my unique designs.

    I designed the original workstation sink (Signature Series), years before everyone else followed with similar designs, to make your food preparation faster, easier and with no more messy counter tops! My latest, and exclusive design - NexGen™ is the most efficient sink design in the industry. We all know it is impossible to "make time", so a significant time savings should be valuable to you. This is not simply a kitchen sink, it is a time-saving sink design that could save hours of your time each month! Think about it... what would you do with an extra few hours not spent wiping down counters, drying and putting away cutting boards. Pay attention to how many times a day, week, or month that you wipe down your countertops. With my design, you will likely dust your countertops once a week like you dust your furniture!

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