Replace your discontinued or outdated kitchen sink with ease! We will custom design and hand-craft an under mount or top mount sink to solve your problem.

Have an existing double bowl under mount sink in your granite and need a single bowl sink to replace it? Do you have an apron front sink you hate and want a better one?

Wait, I know what you are thinking!
"I don't want a drop in sink!"
Right? Hold on for a minute! The reason you don't want a drop in is because they traditionally are a pain in the neck and look ugly. Wiping into the sink is a nightmare, right? Not with mine! All of the work is done on the sink with my designs. No need to wipe into the sink. If that happens to be necessary, we have a flat flange option that is only 1/16" thick - wipe away!

Do you have a discontinued sink and need a replacement?

We have replaced many discontinued Americast, Kohler, and other sinks with copper sinks (stainless too!). Take a look at two commonly replaced scenarios above. We custom design at least one of each style a week. The top mount version in the photo that replaced a double bowl sink, is infinitely more usable. All of your food preparation is done on the sink. No more messy countertops. No need to ever wipe from the counter into the sink! This sink replaced an under mount double bowl sink that was despised by the homeowner. This replacement allowed them to keep their granite and saved them thousands of dollars, to say nothing of the time savings that is ongoing with our efficient workstation design!

Copper replacement sink pricing

Do you have a crack or two in your granite near the sink? Take a look at one solution. see more copper sinksWe built custom under mount sinks to fit existing cut-outs in the granite. This type of replacement is only available in copper. We have to build the sink very differently to accomplish a fit to a template. The bottom, side and flange are all separate pieces that have to be welded together. This is a very timeconsuming project, hence quite costly. Most sinks like this are well over $3,000 and frankly, are nowhere near as user friendly as the Signature Series sinks shown above.

Don't be scared! I have designed hundreds of custom retrofit sinks. Every single one fit like a glove!

These are commonly replaced kitchen sink models and brands:

  • Kohler: K-3353, K5931, K3166, K-5838-7U, K-5988-2, K-5904-4, K-6499
  • Americast: 7145.001, 7145.804, 7145.805, 7145.011, 7145.803, 7145.814, 7145.815, 7145.813, 791326-100, 7405.100, 7406.100, 8103.100, 8102.100, 7346.100, 8106.100, 8105.100, 8104.100, 9000.250
  • Blanco 512-098, 509-302, 505-702 - All Discontinued Blanco sinks, such as the Blanco Tec sinks.

Basically, we can replace any Kohler, Americast, Blanco, Elkay, Franke, etc. sink with an exact copy as a single bowl sink, (only available in copper) or as a top mount sink. A top mount version will require you to have a granite fabricator come to "square up" the opening. We have worked with clients for over a decade that have chosen this option and all felt it was quite painless and inexpensive to accomplish using local tradesmen. Call me to discuss either option. My background is in kitchen design and ergonomics, so I will be more than glad to share my thoughts..