Solid Copper Kitchen Drains for Copper Sinks

Solid copper kitchen drain and strainer/stopper. This is used without a disposer. This drain is made of solid copper and is not plated, therefore will last a lifetime. Most other drains on the market are made using a base metal of either brass or stainless. In as soon as a few months to as much as 2 years or so, you will begin wearing through the plating and will expose the base metal.Warranty:1 year mechanical. The "copper cup", the permanent part in your sink, is guaranteed for life!. The outer housing and connection to your drain is PVC for ease of installation.

Lifetime warranty on copper parts permanently affixed to the sink, 1 year warranty on mechanical. Please note, we do not manufacture these. We are offering them as a service to you because solid copper drain assemblies are near impossible to find and we are acutely aware that a plated drain will eventually fail.




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