Custom Made Stainless Farmhouse Apron Front Workstation Sinks by  Rachiele We specialize in manufacturing custom hammered stainless steel kitchen sinks!

Custom made Farmhouse Apron Front stainless steel workstation sinks with offset drains by Rachiele - all made in the USA copper workstation sink accessories

We replaced a fireclay sink for a client. One of this client's complaints was that the fireclay bowl was not properly sloped to the drain and they had to wipe it out every time they used it. (I hear that all the time) This is part of the email I received over a weekend from the client:


Thank you for building this beautiful sink. My wife loves it and it fit like a glove into the cabinet. The hardest part was removing the old sink. Thanks again and I will be telling whoever asks who built our sink and how fast the process was from order to build and finally to delivery."

Check out our Apron Farmstyle Sinks. Many of our stainless steel kitchen sinks are hand hammered. All are made in Central Florida (Near Orlando).

Stainless Apron patent for kitchen remodel removing countertops only.