The best designed Stainless Sinks on the market...  Rachiele stainless sinks We specialize in hammered stainless steel kitchen sinks

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks - General Info

Custom Made in the USA Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks - All sinks are 16 gauge, all are custom made. The only reason to use 14 guage is if the welder is not skilled enought to weld 16 gauge. It takes a great deal of skill to weld 16 gauge stainless.

We are often asked; "What is the best type of stainless for a residential sink?" We use only USA sourced stainless type 304. The type of stainless we use insures it will not rust like many of the stainless sinks that are imported from China. We specialize in hammered and custom stainless kitchen sinks. We have lead the industry in sink design with firsts such as: Rear corner drains, retrofit farmhouse sinks, textured stainless steel (Millennia), workstation sinks (Signature Series) ergonomically designed depths of bowls, and much more.

This is just one example of the difference between a Rachiele sink and most others. The retail price on this Franke PKX11028 28 3/4" sink is $2399. What other "Luxury Brands" pass off as first quality would be put in our scrap bin. Rachiele leads the industry in quality and innovation.



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Rachiele Advantages:

Ergonomic Design - the smartest designed sink in the industry! Our sinks feature rear corner drains. Other manufacturers use rear center or center drains which get in the way of washing pots and pans as well as food preparation. We recommend 8" deep sinks. The majority of stainless steel sinks on the market have center or rear center drains and must be deep in order to be marginally useable. The difference is not subtle. Our customers tell us they would never go back to a sink with a center or rear center drain!

  • Our sinks are custom made We can fit many existing situations as well as your lifestyle at prices that are similar to the mass produced luxury sinks on the market. We use heavy 16 gauge stainless steel for our sinks. We generally can build a sink in 2-3 weeks.
  • Patented Designs. We are the only company who can offer an apron front to fit existing cabinetry.
  • Custom Drain Board Options. We offer custom drain boards on our undermount and apron sinks - you pick the size! (Warning - this type of sink is expensive and takes a bit of time to make.)
  • Integral Sinks. We can build a sink into a stainless steel countertop so you will have no visible seams between the sink and the top.
  • I absolutely guarantee my sink to be the quietest stainless sink on the market - by far. I use a very expensive multi layer sound deadening product on the bottom of my sink. I would say that our product reduces the noise factor by over 100 times the next best product. 2 square inchs of this product will render a cymbal used in a drum kit, virtually quiet. We use at least one 6" square on the bottom of each sink. You will only hear water, no sink sounds.
  • Hammered Stainless Steel Sinks. We are one of the only companies offering hammered stainless steel 16 gauge sinks.
  • I use only domestic stainless steel. You would think that would be common in sinks made in the USA, but it is not. Chinese stainless is about 20% less expensive than American stainless and is the choice of most domestic manufacturers. I have personally experienced flawed Chinese stainless and have seen photos of rusting and pitted Chinese stainless. Do your homework - the manufacturer should be able to send you specifications showing where the stainless was produced.
  • Top mount or under mount sinks to replace existing sinks. Custom made to perfection. We have replaced old fashioned double and triple bowl sinks with much less hassle than you might expect. The process is quite easy. Just give me a call.
  • Our sinks are smart! Rear corner drains allow you to wash on one side, set off to dry on the other. You can also place cookie sheets, platters and large pans inside the sink without covering the drain. Try that in any other sink!
  • Lastly, our sinks are made in the USA. I have heard, second hand, of many stainless sinks coming from China that rust. A contractor emailed a photo of a Kohler Vault that he claims is made in China. Brand new, full of rust.
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