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Stainless Steel Sink Samples

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All of our stainless is made in the USA. That is not the case with most other stainless sinks!

Brushed Type 304 #4 finish 16 gauge

This is the typical stainless finish you see on many sinks and most stainless appliances. Easy to scratch, difficult to repair scratches. For that reason, this is the most labor intensive stainless for us to work with - hence a higher premium.
After a while, scratches blend and form a nice uniform patina. This type of stainless can be hammered if you like. I think that option looks terrific.

hammered brushed stainless steel farmhouse sink See a Hammered Example

Millennia 16 gauge (exclusive to Rachiele sinks)

Benefits: Does a great job at hiding scratches and water spots. Easiest to care for. Millennia is a textured stainless steel that has been quite popular. FYI, this material is much more expensive than copper. It's worth it though! I have one in my home that is 16 years old and it looks new! If you have a contemporary or eclectic look in your home. this will be a gorgeous addition.

Rustic Matte type 304 16 gauge hand finished

New for 2012. I came up with an idea a while ago that was simply brilliant. (oh yes, I love to admire myself). All kidding aside, this new finish solves many problems and, as a side benefit, looks awesome! The end result looks exactly like Zinc - without the pitfalls of using Zinc for a sink or counter top. I am sure you are aware zinc is very soft and will dent easily and can warp out of shape easily. When you scratch this stainless finish, it is simple to remove the scratch at home and obtain the original finish. That process is impossible with the typical brushed stainless used in most sinks.

We buy unfinished stainless and apply our own finish - the last step we apply a hand rubbed finish using a grey Scotch Brite pad to achieve a soft matte rustic look on the stainless steel. Just buff out minor scratches and blend in with the original finish using the Scotch Brite pad I send along with every sink. This type of stainless can be hammered. It is easily my favorite look as far as stainless goes.

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BS - Brushed Stainless ($25.00 )
BH - Brushed Hammered ($25.00 )
MA - Millennia ($25.00 )
RM - Rustic (matte) ($25.00 )
RH - Rustic (matte) Hammered ($25.00 )
Hand Hammering one of our Rustic Matte sinks

A short video showing how to care for your Rustic Matte Stainless Sink