Replace that discontinued sink with ease using-   Rachiele custom sinks I can build a custom top mount stainless sink to replace your existing sink.

Custom Stainless Steel Drop In (Top Mount) Sinks

Need a replacement for a sink that has been discontinued? Looking for a 48" X 22"drop in sink that is a single or double bowl? Want an upgrade from a triple bowl or double bowl outdated design to a single bowl workstation sink of today? We do this every day. Give me a call. I would love to tell you how simple this is to accomplish.

Most often, these sinks are purchased to replace existing sinks. All are custom made for your particular situation. Frequently, we are asked to replace double or triple bowl sinks like the one below. Most of our customers like our "architectural edge profile" as shown to the left. (That one had custom clipped corners) We can also give you a flat flange. Remember, these are hand made sinks, not mass produced sinks. All of our stainless sinks are "zero radius" sinks. The only radius is a slight one from the bottom of the bowl to the sides. A question often heard is "does this make the sink difficult to clean?" The answer is no. We have sold thousands of sinks with zero radius corners and everyone loves them. Most of the "high end luxury" sinks are made with a zero radius. This feature gives you much more useable room inside the sink, plus a more custom look when installed.

The photo to the left is an example of how we can replace virtually any under mount sink with a Signature Series top mount sink (stainless or copper). Top mount you say? How do you wipe crumbs into the sink you ask? Well, with this design, all of the food preparation is done on the sink. No need to ever wipe anything into the sink!

The sink below replaced a double bowl sink and was shipped to their home in Canada. (Click on images for large view)

Rich went from the most difficult sink in the industry to use, to the easiest. Way to go Rich! Rich's kind note:


We absolutely love the sink. It is everything you promised and more. It is such a great cook's sink. The hammered look was worth every cent and can't wait to get the shelf done to use the Signature Series feature. Thank you, Rich."

We replace sinks all the time. If you have an undermount triple or double bowl sink, we can easily replace it with a self rimming top mount sink. This one happens to be a Millennia (textured stainless) sink with our Signature Series sink option. These are getting very popular. All that had to be done was for the homeowner to have the corners of the granite squared up.


The sink and faucet are finally installed and boy what a difference. My husband doesn't like the texture but I love it. I have attached a couple pictures of the installed sink as well as one of the old sink. Both the plumber and the granite guy said they liked it a lot especially the texture of it. The plumber said he wished he could afford one like it (hard to believe a plumber couldn't afford one with what they charge). It arrived near my birthday and we got it installed just before our wedding anniversary so it has been a very gifting year. Thank you so much for making my birthday and anniversary this year the greatest. Tell Jim thank you for me also - my sink is the best and I am super happy with it.

Wow is an understatement - since Saturday is my birthday this is the greatest birthday present I can imagine - now I am getting even more excited and anxious to get it installed - Wow again - I will take some before and after photos and send to you - thank you so very much - this is a dream come true."

My husband has now decided the sink is absolutely terrific, so we are both super happy with it.

The time frame to replace the sink was approximately 6 hours (1 hr for the plumber to disconnect, 3 hours for the granite guy to remove the sink and change the granite opening to fit the new sink-put the hole for the faucet and 2 hours for the plumber to reconnect the sink and faucet including installation of the garbage disposal) however it had to be done over a 3 day period because of scheduling (had I known the time involved it might have been done in one day). The plumber charged $335 plus the cost of the new garbage disposal (which I am very happy I did as it appears the old one really had some problems in comparison to this new one) and the granite guy charged $90/hr for a total of $270. Even the granite guy asked about your website for some of his customers. I figure that including the cost of the new disposal I saved between $2000 and $4000 by having you make the sink and getting the great faucet from you over getting a "Chinese" sink & faucet and replacing the granite as would have been required. My husband is beginning to see the advantage of the texture so it is growing on him (he does not like change although he loves the size and quality of the sink and faucet). I am so glad I found your website and spoke with you about the sink - glad you talked me out of a multiple bowl - glad I purchased the terrific faucet from you - my kitchen is so much prettier and I love the sink and faucet more than even I imagined I would. Thank you and your staff for a great purchase. I have several friends who will be green with envy, so of course I will pass on to them your website.


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