Custom Stainless Farmhouse Workstation Sinks.

Hand crafted in the USA. We offer 316L Domestic Marine/Medical Grade Stainless Steel due to the significantly enhanced corrosion resistance and other benefits.

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NEW - Black and Gunmetal hand applied patinas on the faces of our stainless apron front sinks!

Below, select the general sink size you need and begin building your custom sink. Please call to order your sink. I will walk you through the process, explain different designs and options so you can make an informed decision. I will ask questions about your height, handedness and food preparation style as well as other pertinent information. We will decide together which accessories might be most helpful and which ones might be ordered later, after you use your sink for a while. My goal is to provide a custom sink that will be as efficient as possible for your particular lifestyle and as ergonomically comfortable as well - doing my best to ensure your investment is a wise one. Schedule a personal phone discussion to design your sink here.
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Custom hand-crafted stainless steel
farmhouse sink
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dual tier farmhouse workstation farm sink by rachiele My Paragon™ design is the most sophisticated dual tier sink on the market.

Check out our new patina options on stainless aprons!
If you would like to see the NEW Paragon™ sink, click here.
NexGen is the next generation in workstation sinks. Why consider a sink designed for the 20th century when you can invest in a sink designed for the future? We design sinks that make sense! Designing the most efficient sink possible has been my passion for decades. After over 20 years of research, prototypes, great designs and 10 patents, I believe I have finally designed the Ultimate Sink: NexGen™. Up until now, workstation sinks had a "step" that held up the accessories. (Believe it or not, I designed and introduced the very first workstation sinks on the market well over a decade ago. All others - Kohler, The Galley Sink, and many others, followed my lead.) If you would like our newest two tier sink, shown to the left, it must be ordered by phone. My innovative design (NexGen™) removes the step and replaces it with a small ledge. The sink width remains the same at the bottom as the top. This innovation gives the user an extra inch of front to back space in the sink with this option. My design gives 34 square inches of additional space inside a 36" sink. You just might fit your outdoor grill inside the sink! (click on detail to the left to see the comparison)
NexGen is my ultimate design. Every single sink we made is custom designed considering your height, handedness, preparation style and many other factors. One size does not fit all! 100% of our sinks are custom. We do not stock sinks. The specifications Online are general dimensions. Your sink will be designed for you and I will provide detailed drawings after you order. I do not build hoods, countertops, gutters, or general sheet metal projects. My focus is 100% on providing the finest sink designs and the highest quality in the industry. For example, all of our hand finished Matte stainless Farmhouse sinks will have MicroWelded corners. This is something other custom shops do not, or cannot do. I have invested in sophisticated equipment and the finest craftsman to allow this type of premium work. Whether you order the Signature Series, NexGen™, Paragon or a basic sink, your sink will be designed to fit you!

Hand-crafted by a small group of artisans in the USA (Central Florida), these fine stainless steel farmhouse apron front sinks feature rear corner drains. Rear corner drain location in a sink makes so much more sense than a center or rear center drain. There is more unobstructed work space inside the sink and a great deal of room inside the sink cabinet. "Wash on the right, set off to drain on the left". You can even have a full size double roll-out trash storage system on the side of the sink cabinet that does not have the drain! What a time saver. 

Also, keep in mind that our company has been in business over 20 years and many of the sinks you see on my site were produced prior to many enhancements and improvements.

Why are we offering domestic 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel? Read about the Benefits>>>

The photos to the left are the typical Brushed Stainless. We rarely build sinks from this material due to the high maintenance and care. If (and when) you scratch or scuff this metal finish, it is nearly impossible to repair. Very few metal workers have the skill to finish this type of sink to my standards.

The below photo is hammered and non-hammered, hand finished stainless. Easily my favorite and our most popular and happens to be the least expensive options. That never happens, right?

Our Hand Finished stainless (90% of our stainless sales) is so easy to care for! We hand-finish the stainless in our factory. The top photo is hand-hammered. The final step in the finishing process uses a Scotch Brite Pad. We include one with your order. Scratches and scuffs are easily removed using the included Scotch Brite pad. No need for any protection on the bottom of the sink, no worry about scratching the apron. ("It is solid, beautifully welded, very quiet, and easy to maintain." - Malcolm Mackey)

scratch resistant stainless steel workstation sink If you are looking for contemporary and care free - this is your sink!

Millennia is a textured stainless steel material that I introduced in sink manufacturing in late 1999. This is our Millennia Stainless Apron Front Signature Series Sink. The Millennia stainless is very unique. It is a basket weave or diamond pattern that is embossed into the stainless making it hide scratches and water spots like no other stainless. Make sure you click on the image for a larger detailed photo.

HAMMERED NICKEL SINKS - you had better read this!

Just hearing the term "Hammered Nickel Sink" makes my head spin! There is no such thing as a hammered nickel sink. All of the sinks that are sold as hammered nickel are plated over copper (as far as I know). The companies that sell these sinks should be ashamed of themselves. To the best of my knowledge, there is NO plating process that will withstand the rigors of kitchen sink use. I stake my reputation on that statement. If someone can prove me wrong, please let me know. That being said, if you are duped into buying one of these sinks, you are in for a huge surprise - and not a pleasant one. The plating will wear off and part of the sink will be copper and part will be silver. SHAME on the sellers! Just click on the photo below to the left and you will see what I mean. I have replaced these sinks for years, including some that were installed for a few weeks!

Get a stainless hammered sink and you will have a lifetime product.
If you would feel more comfortable ordering by phone, call me at 407-880-6903 (If the live Chat is online, I am likely at my desk)

Important! The NexGen gives an additional inch of sink width and the ability to place the grid down on the bottom in the same orientation as it is on the ledge.

  • Decades of Design and Ergonomic research - The NexGen Sink Design is arguably the most functional and efficient sink design on the market. We have lead the entire industry for 23 years.
  • Make valuable modifications to your kitchen design with my assistance - I have been a Nationally Accredited Cabinetry and Space Designer for decades. (A.C.S.D.) and about 80% of my customers have found significant value in my suggestions. In some cases, I have saved my customers thousands of dollars in cabinetry and plumbing costs with my suggestions.
  • Domestic 316L Stainless - no need to worry about contaminants, corrosion or rusting.
  • Exclusive MicroWelded interior corners - Easy to clean and attractive corners. The interior micro-radius corners have even amazed the welders at N.A.S.A.
  • Custom designed with the user(s) of the sink - You will speak with the owner to design your custom sink to be efficient, comfortable, and fun to use. We do not stock sinks at all for that reason.
  • Offset Drain and shallower bowls - allows for placing items in the sink without covering the drain. You can wash on the right and set off on the left. Offset drain allows for full size double trash roll-out behind left sink cabinet door.
  • Sink Design- allows for smaller sink cabinet and more usable interior sink space. My design allows a 36" sink to fit in a 36" cabinet! (ask us how!)
  • Apron Thickness - My sink apron is less than half the thickness of most on the market. That being said, some companies have finally followed our lead. Less reaching, easy on the back.
  • Size Tolerance - My sinks will be built with a high degree of accuracy and will be the sizes we show on our specifications. You can plan and prepare cabinetry well ahead of time.
  • Guarantee - No other company, of any kind, offers a money back guarantee plus $100 for your inconvenience if you are not thrilled with the quality of the sink when received.
  • Customer Care - Likely the only sink company that will answer or return phone calls 7 days a week. (Including holidays) In the middle of an installation and have a question on a weekend? Get an answer without waiting until Monday. 100% 5 star reviews over 23 years.
  • No advertising budget - Likely the only sink company that you will come in contact with that does not advertise. In fact, we actively hide on the search engines. Your hard earned dollars go to the crafting of the sink.
  • Let me talk about sound deadening! I absolutely guarantee my sink to be the quietest stainless sink on the market - by far. I use a very expensive multi layer sound deadening product on the bottom of my sink. I would say that our product reduces the noise factor by over 10 times the next best product. 2 square inches of this product will render a cymbal used in a drum kit, virtually quiet. We use several 6" square pieces on each stainless sink. From a past client: "We reused our disposal on your sink and were stunned at how much quieter the disposal was due to the sound deadening on your sink. The difference was quite noticeable."

    My philosophy: Do it right the first time, do it with the best materials and labor force and offer unparalleled customer service. Those ideals will build long term relationships, hence 50% of our business is referred and 30% is repeat business. This is why we hide on the search engines.

    Check out the sound deadening we use on your stainless sink. (turn on sound)
    hammered brushed stainless steel workstation farm sink 60 inch Paragon dual tier workstation farm sink in hand finished 316L domestic stainless steel.