The easiest way to get a feel for pricing   Rachiele sinks I hope you will consider joining our family of custom sink owners. I look forward to working with you.

The Process of ordering investing in pricing a sink from my company...

First, we arrive at a price and design - generally by phone. All you do is describe your situation and we can usually pin down a size and shape during the first phone call. You will always speak with me, Dino Rachiele. I will give you a firm price by phone. Once you decide to order, this is when we put together a purchase agreement. We gather all of your information and start the process. Once we have the information we need, we will provide shop drawings for you to review and approve. You will receive a purchase agreement along with detailed drawings by email. We suggest you review our drawings carefully and fax or email your approval. Once we have your approval, your sink goes into production. We take all credit cards. A credit card will give you security with regard to your purchase. Generally we produce sinks in 2 to 4 weeks (lead times may be extended due to high volume of orders). Hoods can take as long as 6-12 weeks or so.

If you are considering an apron sink in copper, we can discuss patina/finish options. Our "Rustic" patinas can be altered considerably. You are the director. You describe what you would like the apron to look like (see our patinas page). We generally have you pick some photos from that page as a reference. When we get to the point that we are working on the apron patina, we will send you a photo. From that photo, you can direct us. Tell us if you want more or less green, more or less red, more or less movement, etc. We will then send you a photo just prior to a topcoat for your approval. We don't mind doing this over and over. We want you to be thrilled with your sink.

Keep in mind, you have a lifetime transferable warranty, plus a guarantee that states: "If you are not thrilled with the quality of our sink when received, we will buy it back, pay all shipping costs and send you a check for $100 in consideration of your inconvenience." We have never been asked to do so. No other company offers you nearly the piece of mind.

Getting an Estimate

The easiest way to get a feel for pricing is to go to the top of any page and click on the word "Prices" - then "All sinks priced here". . That page has a matrix of most of the common types of sinks we build. Click on the one you are interested in and you will see pricing at the bottom of the page. Make sure you scroll way down on my pages. For custom sinks, the best thing to do is to call me. I can gather all of the appropriate information and give you a firm estimate on the phone and follow that up with a confirmation email. Most of our quotations can be done by phone. 1-800-881-9044 All you need to do is call, explain your situation and we will walk you through the process of arriving at a sink or hood design. Often, we can give you a firm estimate on the first phone call. You may also request a quote via E-mail.

What if I have an existing cut-out and I would like a sink to fit the cut-out?

Give us a rough idea of what the sink looks like and the size. If you can give us a model number and manufacturer of the original sink, that will help. We can generally give you an estimate based on that information. If you have an existing cut-out, we will assist you in the process of making a template. We will need an exact template of the cut-out. We have been doing this for over 17 years and have never had a sink that did not fit perfectly. We can generally fit any shape if the metal we use is copper. Stainless has some difficulties when it comes to certain shapes. We only build square or rectangular sinks in stainless steel due to the tendency for stainless to warp when welded. Most cases, we have ask for you to have the granite cut to a rectangular shape and we can fit a top mount sink. If you would like to see some we did in copper, click here. To see some in stainless, click here.

What if I am only replacing my counter tops and want an apron front sink and am using my existing cabinets?

We own the patent on a design that will accommodate just about any situation. No other sink manufacturer can legally produce a sink like this. The apron will be shorter than the bowl and there is a 1 inch gap behind the apron that slips over the face-frame of the cabinet. Please note: Our standard apron sinks do not have this patented channel. It is an option that you must request. These sinks are priced on our sale page.

What are the specifications of your typical sinks?

Navigate our site by using the menu on the top of every page on our site. Look for the word "Specs" All of our most common specifications are listed.

How do I install a Rachiele apron front sink?

If you order our standard apron sink (not the one above which is optional) the installation is quite simple. As a kitchen designer, I designed our apron front sinks to interface with cabinetry in a simple manner. Our sinks are designed to fit in the same size cabinet as the size of the sink.

The order of things...

Your cabinet designer may want specifications on your sink. I put many of our most common specifications on our site for your convenience. If you are ordering a custom sink, I can send your specific specifications to you and your cabinet designer. I am an accredited kitchen designer and would be more than happy to work with your kitchen designer to optimize the fitting of your sink in the cabinetry. I designed our sinks to have much more usable room than many on the market. For example, our 36" sink will fit in the vast majority of 36" cabinets.

Your counter top fabricator will want your sink on site before they measure for your counter top. Make sure you order in plenty of time.

Waterstone faucets take from 2-6 weeks to receive. Make sure you order when you order your sink. The counter tops can be drilled without having the faucet on site. All they will need is the specifications, which I will provide you.

Make sure you tell (best in writing) your counter top fabricator that the counter is to be flush with the inside of the sink. This is a proper installation. Some will take short-cuts giving a slight reveal or overhang. Often that is done so the cut-out does not have to be so exact. Also this is necessary with most of the imported copper sinks. The sinks are often out of square or have deviations that require some sort of compensation that would be best by hiding these defects with a counter top overhang or reveal.

You will receive an email from Lisa and UPS when your sink ships. It will have the tracking number in the email so you can plan accordingly.

Lastly, don't worry. Let me do that for you. I have a near perfect track record of providing the exact product within the promised time frame. You can always call me on our toll free number. I forward that number to my cell phone every time I leave the office. I always return calls promptly.

Pricing Pricing Pricing on our custom copper and stainless steel sinks.

Our pricing structure changed in January of 2009. Up until that point, we sold our product exclusively through a luxury dealer network of over 140 dealers throughout the US and Canada. I became frustrated with the quality of the customer service provided by the vast majority of the dealers. They did not sufficiently train their sales staff about the ergonomic advantages of our sinks. Our sinks were sold based on how gorgeous they looked and on the high quality of product and construction. The most important value of a Rachiele sink is the ergonomics; rear corner drains, single bowl sinks, shallower bowls, etc. This message was not getting out to the consumer and we were receiving orders for sinks with designs that I was certain the consumer would not like, such as; center drains, rear center drains, double bowl sinks, and the like. I decided to change my business model and sell direct to the public. That way, we would be assured our customers would be receiving the quality care we feel our customers deserve.

That change in policy affected our price structure. We had a price book with suggested retail and dealer net cost. Retail was double the price of dealer net cost. That pricing structure allowed for generous profit margins to the dealers so they could offer exceptional customer service. (Sadly, the exceptional customer service was missing) Our customers were not getting a good value for their hard earned money!!!


Imported sink (China, India, Mexico) - the likely money trail. Ads like this one show up all the time. Copper apron sinks for $200 to $500. All you need to do to form a copper sink company is purchase from one of these companies - and you are in business. You buy your sinks for $200 to $500 (shipping only adds $100 a sink) and you can triple your cost and sell for around $1000. Not bad, right? Well, this is what plenty of my competitors do. So, when you see a sink online for $1000, remember it is only cost a fraction of the selling price. Just as a comparison, I recently sold our employee kitchen apron front sink for $1500. It was over 8 years old. Looked like new. Our sinks hold their value and are worth significantly more than the imports.

Rachiele sinks are made here in Central Florida. We have no incoming shipping costs, no distributors, no factory representatives and no internet or retail dealers. When you invest in a Rachiele product, you are getting the best of the best without paying the fees that are associated with retail dealers.

Order cancellation policy

Cancellation Before drawings have been done: If you inform us that you wish to cancel your contract before we have done drawings you may do so without penalty. Cancellation after drawings have been sent: If you inform us that you wish to cancel your contract after we have completed drawings for your custom sink we will refund all but 3% of the contract total. (We generally spend a great deal of time during this period in producing CAD drawings and other paperwork, as well as allocation of materials) Cancellation After Sink is in production: Once a sink is in production, we have no option but to retain your payment. That being said, I am compassionate, so I will work with you to come up with an option that is a win-win. I understand unexpected emergencies come up. I will work with you with compassion and understanding.