Do you have a crack in your granite in front of your sink?
I have a fix for that! Custom Designed with you and for you! USA crafted!

The most commonly asked question is "Can I have a farm sink using my existing cabinets?" My patented design says you can!

Replace any sink with a farm sink without replacing your counter top and without cutting your cabinetry with a Rachiele® Retrofit Farm Sink.

Replacing your countertops and keeping your cabinetry? Cracks forming in front and or behind your sink? I designed and patented a retrofit sink design that can be installed in existing cabinetry without cutting cabinetry. Drop in or under mount designs are available.
No need to cut your cabinetry. All other retrofit designs require you to hack up your sink cabinet. Scroll down the page and look at the video! My design has an open channel behind a shorter apron. The open channel fits over the existing cabinetry face frame after you remove the false drawer heads. Our design has been copied by a few companies, with less than desirable results. You can even keep your existing countertops. I was able to design a sink that solved what was called an "impossible" cracked countertop problem...

The situation to the far left was a bit unique, however I had designed a somewhat similar sink in the past due to the same issue. My customer called and explained they had cracks in the granite behind the sink. Worse yet, the cracks extended beyond the bowls by quite a bit. Even more complicated... our customer wanted an apron front sink and wanted the copper to come right up to the backsplash. Well, this was not an easy design task, to say the least. Thankfully, my customer was extremely detail oriented and gave me very accurate dimensions. I would never have attempted something like this if I didn't feel comfortable with the measuring ability of my customer.

After hours of contemplating, I proposed a design and my customer was thrilled. I then took his order, sent a detailed drawing for him to review. Once everything was double and triple checked, we put the sink in production. This is where the ability of my team shines. There was no room for plus or minus any dimension. This sink had to be spot on. The process for checking during production is multi-stepped. There is a long checklist that each worker must sign, indicating he has checked dimensions and all of the work prior to his work. The last signature is always mine. When I put a tape measure on the sink I called my team over and the look on my face must have worried the team. I told them what they had done was impossible. Each dimension was exactly on the tape measure line. In fact, dead center of the line. There was no variance at all. They all smiled along with me and I told them I could not be more proud of them. This type of precision is on virtually every sink we build. The difference with this one was every dimension was "life or death" for the sink fitting.

"We are very happy with our sink! Thank you so much! Anyway, attached are a handful of photos from before, after cuts, and final installation with and without the board/grid. Feel free to use any for your gallery. It turned out great! Also very happy to write you a review on whichever website you like. We are very happy with the install result."

Nothing makes all of us happier than helping someone with a problem.

Patented Design Retrofit Copper
Farm Sink with Channel Behind Apron
Starting at: $3,490.00
Apron Height Notes :
18 inch width to
hold half sheet pans -
includes custom size accessories ( Add $100.00 )
Apron finish:
Make this a top mount sink:
Workstation options:
Essentials Pack -checked ( Add $645.00 )
Color matched caulk -checked ( Add $18.00 )
Copper drain or flange:
Crating and Shipping:
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replacement sink for Ikea Domjo Replacement sink for Ikea Domjo. We can replace all discontinued Ikea sinks!
It can be done, only at Rachiele Custom Sinks. (Copper and Stainless sinks available with this design) When you are retrofitting there is NO room for error. Knowing how to build a sink like this is fairly easy. Knowing how to ask the right questions to get the correct measurements is another thing. I have been designing these sinks for decades and spent 20 previous years as a professional kitchen designer. I am acutely aware of the dozens of minor details that can be overlooked by someone with less experience that can cause a catastrophe during installation day. In the 24years I have been replacing sinks, every sink has fit perfectly!
WORKSTATION DESIGN FEATURE FOR 2018 NexGen™ is the next generation in workstation sinks. Up until now, workstation sinks had a "step" that held up the accessories. My new innovative design removes the step and the sink width remains the same at the bottom as the top. This innovation gives the user an extra inch of front to back space in the sink with this option.


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illustration of retrofit sink repairing cracked granite counter Homeowner did everything himself!
One of my most embarassing videos!
The photo to the far left is a before and after photo. Our client simply painted their existing cabinets and made simple cuts in the stone. Granite work and sink installation in less than a day. No cutting of the cabinetry was required. The other photo shows two images. One was taken just after the countertop was cut, the other was taken about an hour before the project was complete. Both projects were completed in one day.

Also note that I have added a High Gloss option for the top-coat on the apron. There is no difference in durability. The standard finish is semi-gloss.

Below, select the general sink size you need and begin building your custom sink. Please call to order your sink. I will walk you through the process, explain different designs and options so you can make an informed decision. I will ask questions about your height, handedness and food preparation style as well as other pertinent information. We will decide together which accessories might be most helpful and which ones might be ordered later, after you use your sink for a while. My goal is to provide a custom sink that will be as efficient as possible for your particular lifestyle and as ergonomically comfortable as well - doing my best to ensure your investment is a wise one. Schedule a personal phone discussion to design your sink here. (Use the tool below to estimate your investment)
I have a four page PDF file that explains the process along with indicating what dimensions I need from you. Send an email request for this file. If you need someone to cut the granite that is reliable and does good work, let me know. I have some suggestions that have been fruitful for our past clients.

Take a look at a comment I received through an online survey I posted.

"I just purchased the Kohler Vault apron front sink that is advertised as a drop in sink that can be used with a standard sink base. I received the sink yesterday and I was very surprised to see that the quality of the welding is poor (my husband is a former welder, and he pointed out the telltale marks of a poor seam that will likely leak in the future). And, it's made in China. Kohler is claiming that their sink can be installed with the same ease that your sinks are, but that is definitely not the case. Their design is actually incredibly stupid, and perhaps it's because they were aware of your design that they altered their design in one crucial, very dumb, way: They've added two pieces of stainless steel within the channel on the front apron (perpendicular to the front) that prevent you from sliding it over the cabinet like your sink slides. It's basically unusable. And, you need to saw off the horizontal top front of your sink cabinet first. And the finish is just awful. I'm going to return it. It looks to me like Kohler is making a far inferior sink, and attempting to capture some of your market share. I wish I could afford one of your sinks, but the $550 I spent on the Kohler Vault was just about my limit. Good luck~ Christy C."

Patented channel behind the apron along with an installed photos of a top mounted retrofit apron sinks. If you would like me to send you a guide showing how the cut-out is done for a top mount sink, call or email me.

These are just some of the Benefits of investing in a Rachiele Copper Farm Sink:

  • Decades of Design and Ergonomic research - The NexGen Sink Design is arguably the most functional and efficient sink design on the market.
  • Design your custom sink with my assistance - I have been a Nationally Accredited Cabinetry and Space Designer for decades. (A.C.S.D.) I have literally designed and delivered hundreds of these replacement sinks with all fitting perfectly.
  • Domestic Copper - no need to worry about contaminants such as: Mercury, Arsenic and Lead
  • No Need To Dry Your Copper Sink After Every Use - Use my sink like a sink. Simply rinse after use. No drying or waxing!
  • Cold Rolled Copper - many times harder, less likely to dent
  • True Natural Patina on Bowl - virtually indestructible. Patina will always regenerate to the original color tones.
  • Offset Drain - allows for placing items in the sink without covering the drain. You can wash on the right and set off on the left. Offset drain allows for full size double trash roll-out behind left sink cabinet door.
  • Sink Design- allows for smaller sink cabinet and more usable interior sink space. My design allows a 36" sink to fit in a 36" cabinet!
  • Apron Thickness - My sink apron is less than half the thickness of the imports. Less reaching, easy on the back.
  • Size Tolerance - My sinks will be built with a high degree of accuracy and will be the sizes we show on our specifications. You can plan and prepare cabinetry well ahead of time. All imports indicate their dimensions can vary plus or minus 1/2". The imports must put yeast in their copper. (Size Variation must be dependent on baking temperature, I suppose)
  • Guarantee - No other company, of any kind, offers a money back guarantee plus $100 for your inconvenience if you are not thrilled with the quality of the sink when received.
  • Customer Care - Likely the only sink company that will answer or return phone calls 7 days a week. (Including holidays) In the middle of an installation and have a question on a weekend? Get an answer without waiting until Monday.