Your Custom Copper Trough Sink - all custom to fit your needs!

The Copper Trough Sink seems to be the rage these days. I have designed some very cool trough sinks over the past years. In my opinion, you should take some time to consider how you might use the sink before you decide on a size and functionality of the sink. I am always available to discuss options with you. These are some of the options and uses you might consider.

  1. Signature Series Workstation or NexGen option with grid and cutting board. Use to cut lemons, limes, cheese and other condiments. Also use to set glasses to dry on the grid.
  2. Center or Offset drain? If you are considering a Signature Series sink, you might want to put the drain on one end. If not, perhaps a center drain will be just fine.
  3. Divide the sink? If you would like to section off the sink so you can have ice storage on one end or both ends, we can do that for you.
  4. Trough Sink Depth? Are you considering placing bottles in the sink? If so, you might need a fairly deep sink. Think about how you are going to use the sink and get one as shallow as you can - based on the use.

Our customers often ask for a trough sink that is roughly 8" to 12" front to back (overall). Our pricing below allows for up to 14" overall. If you have needs for a wider sink, no problem. We can sort that out over the phone or email. There will simply be a small additional fee for whatever you decide on. Keep in mind, these are all custom made, so the pricing below will reflect specific size ranges only.

These are just a handful of the copper trough sink designs we have offered over the past 21 years.

If you would feel more comfortable ordering by phone, call me at 407-880-6903 (If the live Chat is online, I am likely at my desk)

copper trough sink The "Entertainer" will serve you well in your bar!


Custom Copper Trough Sinks
Width of Sink front to back overall:
Length of sink:
Workstation Design Option:
Dividers in sink:
Poly Dividers for sink:
Angled Bottom - One side deeper than other ( Add $325.00 )
Drain location:
Crating and shipping: