Workstation Kitchen Sinks: Custom 16 gauge, 316L Surgical Grade Domestic Stainless Steel Under Mount
Signature Series, NexGen™, Paragon™ and Harmony™

Totally custom made, handcrafted stainless sinks offering domestic 16 gauge 316L Marine/Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. SCROLL DOWN PAGE FOR PRICING
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We offer a significant assortment of stainless options: Brushed, Brushed Hammered, Hand-finished, Hand-finished Hammered, Millennia.

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Did you know that you should never use household bleach in 99% of all stainless sinks? That is a fact. The general public is likely not aware of this, but it is spelled out by almost all manufacturers of stainless sinks. Well, that is not the case with our 316L Surgical Grade Stainless. Read about the benefits of 316L Stainless

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Build Your Custom Stainless Steel Undermount Sink
Starting at: $2,240.00
Stainless type:
Sink Length:
18 inch width - to fit half sheet pans ( Add $100.00 )
Workstation choice:
Essentials Pack - checked ( Add $645.00 )
Attached Drainboard
up to 18 inches:
Hand Hammering - Varies depending on size up to ( Add $390.00 )
Drain or Disposal flange:
Crating and Shipping:


  • Brushed Stainless - The most commonly used material for mass produced kitchen sinks (rarely ordered for our custom sinks though). We use 16 gauge, Marine Grade Type 316L, domestic stainless. The issue I have with this finish, especially if it is not hammered, is that scratches are nearly impossible to remove without making the area look worse than when you started.
    custom stainless sink with offset drain left This type of stainless scratches and shows scratches very easily.
    custom stainless sink with offset drain left Just about the only customer that uses this shiny stainless is Bayliss Boatworks in their 60-90 foot yachts.
  • We have the ability to re-grain the stainless, it is doubtful you will have the ability. Therefore, we highly recommend our hand finished random pattern stainless finish.
    The sink shown with a left rear drain is brushed stainless (for left handed users). This is the most labor intensive stainless to work with as a custom sink. Hence, this is the most expensive finish.
  • Hand Finished 16 Gauge, 316L Marine Grade Stainless. Our most popular by far, as well as our least expensive stainless option.
    custom stainless steel workstation kitchen sink 36 inch NexGen™ workstation sink with 12 inch multi purpose grid.
    large custom stainless steel workstation kitchen sink 48 inch NexGen™ workstation sink with 12 inch multipurpose grid.
    large custom stainless steel workstation kitchen sink 48 inch Signature Series workstation sink. At this size, this is a nice option using a 15 inch multipurpose grid.
    I came up with this finish several years ago after attempting to repair a scratch in a brushed stainless sink. I wondered if there was a finish that would be easily repairable by the end user. For this finish, we purchase American 16 gauge stainless without any finish. We do all of the finishing in-house by hand. The last step involves going over the metal with a Scotch Brite Pad in a random pattern. We send a maroon colored Scotch Brite pad along with the sink, so scratches and scuffs can be easily repaired. No more worry about putting something inside the sink to protect the bottom! Best yet, if you order this finish as hammered, the care is amazingly easy. You should be able to remove scuffs inside the sink in about a minute and the sink should look virtually new again. Exclusive standard Micro-welded finished corners on all of our stainless sinks.
  • Millennia - Millennia is a finish that I came up with back in January of 2000. (hence the name).
    textured stainless steel custom workstation retrofit sink Millennia Stainless Retrofit Farmhouse Workstation Sink.

    Millennia has a distinct contemporary flare due to the diamond or basket weave pattern that is embossed in the stainless using a 40 ton press. This type of stainless is about 4 times as expensive as brushed stainless. This beautiful finish is also very functional. It does an amazing job of hiding scratches and water spots. I have one at my home that is over 20 years old and it looks fantastic! Believe it or not, this material is 50% more expensive than the price of copper.
  • The welding on these sinks must be precise - and it is! We are even able to MicroWeld the interior zero radius corners to allow for easy cleaning. I can assure you that you will not see anything like this on another brand of sink.
    custom stainless steel kitchen workstation sink Hand-finished by our team of artisans.
    zero radius corners on workstation sinks Close up view of our Millennia stainless with our Micro-welded corners.


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  • Make sure you order a bottle of Bayes Stainless Cleaner and Conditioner. I promise it will amaze you.

    Below, select the general sink size you need and begin building your custom sink. Since these sinks are custom, there is generally no extra charge to increase the front to back dimension. Please call to order your sink. I will walk you through the process, explain different designs and options so you can make an informed decision. I will ask questions about your height, handedness and food preparation style as well as other pertinent information. We will decide together which accessories might be most helpful and which ones might be ordered later, after you use your sink for a while. My goal is to provide a custom sink that will be as efficient as possible for your particular lifestyle and as ergonomically comfortable as well - doing my best to ensure your investment is a wise one. Schedule a personal phone discussion to design your sink here. (Use the tool below to estimate your investment)
    custom stainless steel kitchen workstation sink Option to go 18" wide allowing for a half sheet pan to sit on the ledge. Alternate to the galley sink.

    custom stainless steel sink no maintenance Millennia under mount stainless steel kitchen sink.

    Below see our stainless steel drain hole coverlet. It allows water to flow under, but catches debris. It is made of the same stainless as the sink and sits on 4 bumpers, covering the hole while allowing water to run freely while catching larger debris. Also see our dish drying rack and accessory holder. This rack will hold our poly board and the drain grid. It will not hold the wooden cutting boards.

    stainless steel drain hole coverlet

    hand hammered stainless kitchen sink made in the USA by Rachiele Hand hammered NexGen workstation sink, handcrafted of hand-finished 316L Marine/Surgical grade domestic stainless steel.
    stainless steel bar prep workstation sink Workstation bar or prep sinks. This is our Signature Series workstation sink.
    dual drain, single bowl workstation sink Harmony, A Paragon 60" sink designed for two users where one is right handed and the other left handed.

    These are just some of the Benefits of investing in a Rachiele Stainless Steel Sink:

  • The only true full custom sink manufacturer in the USA - We design the sink with you to ensure functionality, efficiency, ergonomic comfort and to be fun to use! We do not stock sinks because they cannot be as efficient as a custom design. Each family dynamic is different, some users are right and others left handed. Some are short, some tall and some in between. These, and many more factors, drive the design of each custom sink.
  • Decades of Design and Ergonomic research - The NexGen Sink Design is arguably the most functional sink design on the market.
  • Domestic 316L Marine/Surgical Grade Stainless - No need to worry about contaminants found in Chinese stainless. No need to worry about corrosion. 316L is a step above marine grade stainless.
  • Exclusive sound deadening material used - We use a very expensive combination of butylene rubber and aluminum to sound deaden our sinks
  • Offset Drain - allows for placing items in the sink without covering the drain. You can wash on the right and set off on the left. Offset drain allows for full size double trash roll-out behind left sink cabinet door.
  • Sink Design- allows for smaller sink cabinet and more usable interior sink space. My design allows a 36" sink to fit in a 36" cabinet!
  • Size Tolerance - My sinks will be built with a high degree of accuracy and will be the sizes we show on our specifications. You can plan and prepare cabinetry well ahead of time.
  • Guarantee - No other company, of any kind, offers a money back guarantee plus $100 for your inconvenience if you are not thrilled with the quality of the sink when received.
  • Customer Care - Without a doubt, the only sink company where you will always speak with the owner who will answer or return phone calls 7 days a week. (Including holidays) In the middle of an installation and have a question on a weekend? Get an answer without waiting until Monday.