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Notice: If you see lower prices for Waterstone Online, you are possibly looking at a company that is NOT authorized by Waterstone. Why is this important? Waterstone will NOT warranty the faucet. Just call Waterstone directly to confirm this. If the company indicates they are an authorized dealer and their prices are lower than Waterstone set prices, their authorized status may be terminated - again leaving you in a bad position. Why is it so important for me to offer Waterstone? Their designs allow my sinks to function at their full potential! By the way, I offer an additional discount when you invest in one of my sinks!

Important: Protect your back and sink investment with a properly designed faucet.

I have recently discovered that short spout faucets cause the user to lean against the apron of the sink. Constant abrasion against any product is not a good thing. Think of rubbing a piece of cloth on the same spot on your car for a few years. You will soon see bare metal. Choose your faucet wisely. My personal experience is interesting. At home, I never lean against the apron of my sinks. In fact, when I attempt to do so, it is awkward. We recently spent some time in an apartment. The first time I washed my hands in the kitchen sink I found myself leaning against the counter. I also noticed there was a strain on my back that I was not accustomed to. A short spout on a cheap faucet was the culprit. I am an expert on ergonomics, so if you would like to discuss your height and a proper faucet length, feel free to call me. Don't ruin your back or your sink with a poor faucet choice.

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All past or current Rachiele sink owners will automatically get an additional discount when ordering Online or by phone. 407-880-6903
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waterstone 5300 antique pewter New slimmer models available called Railine. See them on the Waterstone site by clicking the above button.
waterstone 5300 antique pewter Check out the new Contemporary Wheel Faucets!
All 31 finishes available!
Check out my favorite faucet style by Waterstone, the 5300 Pull Down Faucet. I believe this to be the most efficient faucet made anywhere.
When you order a sink from me, I will give you an additional discount beyond what you see online here! You may order Online or call me at 407-880-6903. Your card is NEVER charged automatically when you order Online. Additional discount is automatically applied when we hand write your order.
Waterstone 5300 Extended Reach Pull Down Spray Faucet
$2,048.00   $1,638.40 (I am showing the most popular finishes. All 31 finishes are available - just call 407-880-6903)

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new waterstone faucet designs
Waterstone faucets don't splash. Targeted Spray allows you to rinse your sink, pots and pans - quickly.

5410 new Angled Standard Reach Waterstone Kitchen Faucet a great choice for a larger sink if you do not want a tall faucet.
$1,960.00   $1,677.60

If you are considering a sink around 33" or smaller, this is a great choice.

Waterstone 5900 Prep Faucet:

Waterstone 5910 Prep Faucet
$2,017   $1,613.60

Before you say "no"...
Almost everyone says no to a soap dispenser - until they hear the following benefits of this one!
1. Top Loading - holds 12 ounces of soap!
2. Lifetime Mechanical Warranty - does not drip, clog or irritate the heck out of you!

Waterstone 4065 Contemporary Soap Dispenser
$322.00   $275.60

3010 Garbage Disposal Air Switch: One of the best kitchen inventions in decades.

3010 Contemporary Air Switch
$317.00   $253.60

3020 Waterstone Single Port Air Gap (Generally needed only in California and parts of Washington)
$203.00   $162.40

Waterstone Contemporary wall mounted Pot Filler Faucet (shown in Polished Nickel)
$1,428.00   $1,142.40

I have the ability to sell any brand of faucet. In fact I have sold just about every brand on the market over the past 20 years. I have found only one manufacturer that offers a quality that I will put my name behind. Waterstone is clearly the finest faucet made anywhere and it happens to be all made in California. This is a very old video, but well worth watchting to see some of the very unique benefits to the Waterstone Contemporary Faucet line.

For the first time ever... I suggest this is a "must" for every kitchen. Can be used with city or well water.

An in-line water filter that you can use with your existing kitchen water faucet!!! EWS SS-2.5 Essential Max Flow has a water flow of 2.5 gallons per minute and a 10,000 gallon filter lifetime. There is NO other product on the market with these specifications AND at the low price of $379. Think of 10,000 gallons a year. That would be 27 gallons of cold water use at your kitchen faucet every day for one full year! This filter hooks up to your MAIN kitchen faucet cold side only. This filter eliminates the secondary filter faucet that generally costs about as much as this filtration system. This filter takes up very little room in the sink cabinet and is made by Environmental Water Systems of Las Vegas, NV. Made in the USA quality all the way! Now you can fill large pots for cooking quickly, instead of waiting for a slower filter faucet. Cook with filtered water for better health. Rinse your vegetables with filtered water. See installation video below.
Let's do a little math... If you take the popular Waterstone Filter faucet, model 1200C in a premium finish (most of what is ordered is a premium finish), the cost is about $450. Add to that, the cost of the Waterstone filter system (rated at only 1,000 gallons instead of 10,000 gallons) at roughly $300.00 The total cost is $750.00 - verses $379 for the EWS filter - an initial savings of $371. Waterstone replacement filters are roughly $110.00. In the lifetime of one EWS filter, you will spend an additional $1,100 on filters from Waterstone (or most other companies). The savings over a few years is staggering!

EWS SS-2.5 Essential Max Flow Under sink water filtration for main water faucet

Essential Max Flow SS 2.5 Replacement Filter

OK, OK, You were right... I love, love ,love, the single bowl sink with the right rear drain. You even have my husband doing the dishes! ( a small miracle)You asked me to trust you and I did. I have to say, it only took one day for me to "get it". This simple design is awesome. Now that I have used the sink for a month or so, I could never go back to my old double bowl sink (that I thought I liked). It seems like every day I mention your name - my husband is going to get a complex. I just wanted to tell you that I am generally a nervous buyer. I felt so calm during the order process. You held my hand all the way through - even a thoughtful note on the bottom of my sink! It is obvious that you are detail oriented and love what you do. Not to forget, I love my Waterstone faucet set up. Wow - the quality is far and above what I expected. I had a difficult time convincing my hubby to spend over $1000 for the faucet, etc. In fact, he was a bit irritated with me - until he opened the box. His comment was " holy s**t", this thing weighs a ton". (You can put this on your site and leave off his comment if you like - I just wanted to thank you for going way beyond my expectations in every way) Janet D

How does an air switch work? (Video below shows contemporary version - non stock)

How to install a Waterstone Faucet