Workstation Accessories for our Workstation Sinks

Now you can have it all. A single bowl sink that converts to a double bowl sink! Available in copper, brass, bronze and stainless.

secondary sink Add-a-Bowl™ for our Workstation Sinks

Introducing Add-a-Bowl ™ Imagine having the best of both worlds! Now you can have a single bowl sink with an added removable bowl for soaking and more. This 12" wide and 16 1/4" by 5" deep bowl can be placed inside any of our existing (or new) Signature Series, NexGen™, and Paragon workstation sinks. Use it to soak items in the sink without having to fill the entire sink with water. This Add-a-Bowl™ sink has a removable plug drain and can be conveniently stored under your sink when not in use. Imagine the possibilities. But wait... there's more!

Take a peak at this video. (The strainer element is our old discontinued style. The round holes support the surface tension of the water. The new longer oblong holes drain a bit better.)
strainler for workstation sink Strainer Element™ for Workstation Sinks
We didn't stop there. This Sink Strainer Element™ can sit alone on the step or ledge system of our workstation sinks or drop inside the Add-a-Bowl™. This accessory is often an alternate for our drain grid.
I had a chef visit and he said these specific accessories are why he wanted my sink in his kitchen. He said these were perfect for blanching vegetables and awesome to fill with ice and water for cooling shrimp. There is an interior ledge to allow you to easily remove the Strainer from the Add-a-Bowl™. Now you can load the strainer up with veggies, drop it in the Add-a-Bowl™ and soak them. You can even pull it up and down to get more water circulation. Both the Add-a-Bowl™ and the Sink Strainer Element™ are available in all of our workstation sinks. Unlike the company that "copied" our idea, these accessories lay flat on the ledge so you can stack other accessories on top of them. For example, you can put the Add-a-Bowl™ on the left side, slip the Strainer Element™ inside, then place a grid on top, and then place a cutting board on top of the grid. They all are stackable.
Elements Add-a-Bowl
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Sink Strainer Element
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See how all of our accessories work in a Signature Series workstation sink.


Add a secondary bowl, perhaps with a strainer element for blanching vegetables or soaking/cleaning fruit and vegetables.

Add a secondary bowl to a workstation sink This is a Signature Series farmhouse sink with an
Add-a-bowl™ on the left side.